6 Early Access games with no updates for several months

BitPulse writes: There's a lot of Early Access games to keep an eye on. So, we looked through all of the games currently in the program to find the ones that haven’t been updated for several months.

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rodiabloalmeida2482d ago

And that's why I don't buy early access games easily.

MuhammadJA2482d ago

I feel bad for the poor suckers who fell for the early scam shenanigans.

Perjoss2481d ago

They need a few rules in place, if your game is not updated for some time it will be removed from steam, people that have already paid will still have access though. They also need an update requirement, even if its just a monthly update to say we are working on this and maybe a couple of screenshots.

If things remain the way they are now people will just lose faith in the early access system.

Nerdmaster2481d ago

Every time I open a Steam page about a game that seems interesting, if I see the blue box saying "Early Access", I close it immediately.