PS4 and Vita Owners Are in for Some Indie Treats

As if it wasn't already clear that the Playstation brand and indie titles go hand in hand, some more games have been dropped on us at this year's PAX Prime.

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isarai2492d ago

Had an eye on An Elysian Tail and Nidhogg for the longest, so gonna jump on these when they hit the store, Salt and Sanctuary looks absolutely kickass aswell

system222491d ago

boy thats a..... surprise. how about a AAA that isn't a remaster.

Adolph Fitler2491d ago

Amen to that brother...couldn't agree more... I cringe at any "NEW" game announcements for my PS4, as I'm always thinking, "what damn game, that I played & finished 3yrs ago, on my PS3, are they remaking now"...

These remakes are the new shovelware for systems... Wii had those crap, half ar$ed myriads of titles that claimed, but drastically failed, to capitalize on the gimmichuks motion controllers, now with PS4 & XBOne, they are realizing that more money can be made, with quick ports & minor enhancements of old last gen games... If dopes keep buying these remakes, then dopes will keep pumping them into our supposed next gen machines collections.. It's an easy, lazy, greedy, way for developers to capitalize on new machines, & there notorious lack of titles for the 1st yr, or so. The problem is, gamers will eventually get up to the times, & get sick of hand,me,down games. System22, the problem is, yourself & I, are simply just evolutionary gamers, that want evolutionary games for our supposed evolutionary consoles. We DON'T want our old mates SLOPS... It's like eating out a chick, your mate just deposited a load in....It tasted sour, & everyone involved looks cheap, $lutty, & EASY. And that is the problem, gamers are being "EASY", & lapping up there mates old, crusty load.

I bought my PS4, to experience games that were specifically designed to take advantage of that hardware....Not, to get games ported & bashed with a hammer, to fit these new specs, as games built for consoles like PS3 are so customized & tailor made to that machines specific nuances, that compromises & basically concessions will have to be made to get it up & running on completely different hardware, in a short space of time, to boot. I just read a review on TLOU on PS4, & the proof is in the pudding as it was my Official PS mag that reviewed it, & mentioned the faults, which were graphical glitches, such as missing shadows, lighting issues, & just little things that break the immersion, that the original didn't suffer from.. Now, they still scored the game 10, & mentioned the advantage of 60fps, & such...But, still, the game was made ONLY for PS3 architecture, & to put the game on another system PROPERLY, the game would have to be built FROM SCRATCH, to capitalize, in any way, shape or form, on new system.
I love all these indie titles, I have no problem with more of them. I would even love an enhanced PS4 version of 360 exclusive d/l title, Shadow Complex, as that is the best game on Xbox... But, for Christ sake, we need some huge NEW IP blockbusters from some of these developers to start happening, rather than there time be wasted on remakes of there old games... I mean, David Cage's last EPIC FAIL being remade for PS4,.....REALLY?.