A mysterious Dark Souls 2 character that you’ve never seen has been found

Dark Souls 2 lore buffs have been talking about her for months. This week, she’s finally been found.

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ThunderPulse2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

This article made me wonder if there are still unfound characters in COD:Ghost's SP Story.

DragonKnight2483d ago

I wonder why you'd make a comment about a completely unrelated game.

ThunderPulse2483d ago

The article made me consider the "2nd Reiley theory" where Reiley has a clone!

DragonKnight2483d ago

Which is still completely unrelated to Dark Souls 2.

RedDeadLB2483d ago

Probably to point out how shallow CoD is compared to Dark Souls.

I don't even like Dark Souls, but I respect it.

PurpHerbison2482d ago

Does it really even matter? At least it is gaming related.

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achmetha2483d ago

u can get the unfound chatacters on cod ghosts in the new dlc called advanced warfare. only 59.99 + season pass.

ot: dksii has me constantly rethinking the story...this definitely has.

DragonKnight2483d ago

So this means that the Emerald Herald has 3 forms then. The old woman in the opening trailer, the young woman we know and and interact with, and the child which we have no real information on yet. Time is convoluted indeed.

DragonKnight2483d ago

Secret ending where you have to put on the Emerald Herald's gear, and wear the pendant in a ring slot, which brings you back to Boletaria to become the new monarch.

gamey2482d ago

Oh man, I have really got to start playing this game. I've heard to many cool things about it to keep putting it off!