Understanding and Avoiding the Lag Monster in Games - PSLS

Learn about the factors that cause lag and how you can improve your online gaming experience.

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Wedge192482d ago

This is a fantastic article diving into this! Need more deep dives like this so that people can understand!

ftwrthtx2482d ago

Very nice article. This relates to every console and PC as well.

Rob Hornecker2482d ago

I have to agree with you both! This is a very enlighting artical on this subject. I would also like to see more stories like this. Kudos to the author!

decimalator2482d ago

Thanks! I'm planning on it. Keep an eye out for more.

knifefight2481d ago

I disagree. I want it to tell me which console is for losers and which console is for winners. I want it to tell me that my "team" is winning the console war and that other people are in denial. I need the heat of the flaaaaames!

ShowGun9012482d ago

great article, gotta go check my connections...

(always assumed they were in or out, didn't know loose cables could count as plugged in and just run crappy!)

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