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Even In It's Worst Month for a While, PS+ Still Beats Games With Gold

It’s been a long time since the PlayStation Plus service has what most people consider a ‘bad’ month, but it seems like that time is now upon us. Sony has announced the games that will be free for PlayStation Plus members today, and a lot of gamers aren’t very excited. However, Microsoft followed suit announcing their Games With Gold offerings, and in many respects, they are even worse.

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Community2580d ago
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Neonridr2580d ago

Halo Reach is considered the worst in the series? According to who? That game was Bungie's swan song and my personal favorite in the series.

Shadonic2580d ago

Yea Halo Reach was really good, Halo 4 on the other hand :/

JimmyDM902580d ago

Clearly "Hola 2" was the worst in the series.

True_Samurai2580d ago

Halo 4 had a great campaign don't try to downplay it

Shadonic2580d ago

Halo 4 Campaign was good but I'm talking about as a whole we got more and it was better though albeit not focused on MC which for some reason is good enough reason to exclude anything Halo that doesn't focus primarily on that character as bad.

Biggest issue I had with the Campaign for Halo 4 was that they could of made the Didact seem more powerful evil strong besides just some Jedi force move.

PONTIAC08G8GT2580d ago

I'll never really be happy with Games with Gold or PS+ until more current games are released. PS+ is a bit better with the games they release, meaning they aren't 100 years old. But would be nice to get Forza, Ryse, or something like that for free. Or let us pick 1 arcade game a year for free. Sorry but Strike Suit Zero was crap, the Taco Bell side scrolling game Guacamele was crap, and Crimson Dragon was crap (all my opinion).

GameSpawn2580d ago

"Clearly "Hola 2" was the worst in the series."

Best typo ever! All I can think of now is Dora the Explorer in a Master Chief Helmet.

The only thing bad about Halo 2 was how much they nerf'ed the pistol. I know the pistol was essentially a handheld sniper rifle in Halo 1, but crap if the Halo 2 version wasn't worse than the original needler.

In the end I'll take dual-wield over a nerf'ed pistol any day.

ShinMaster2579d ago

The fanbase seems pretty divided.

Debating whether Reach or 4 are the least "Halo-like" games.

700p2579d ago

Halo reach was one of the best halos. Halo 4 was good too, the only problem was the crap multiplayer.

choujij2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

For me Halo 4 was a big let down. It's also the only Halo game I've beaten in one sitting and never touched since.

I still prefer the campaign of Halo 2 the most.

4Sh0w2579d ago

Lol, Im not going to argue over which man's garbage smells worst, since it won't change the fact that BOTH of them are getting rid of their trash. OK not that those are bad games but my point is they are either borderline medicore or really old.

xPhearR3dx2579d ago

Wait! People actually think Halo 4's campaign was good? Lmfao, that campaign was downright TERRIBLE. It was the same sequences over and over. Hell, at one point in the campaign, the level was split into 3 parts and it was the SAME exact thing, EVERY TIME. Halo Reach was MILES ahead of Halo 4. I'd rather watch paint dry than play Halo 4's campaign again.

sinspirit2579d ago

I'm sorry to anyone that likes Halo 4's CAMPAIGN.. But, it was a disgrace to the Halo franchise. It had many plot-holes, it Michael Bay'd the giant alien force coincidental appearance right after the last game that ended the story and right where the lead character that couldn't be found somehow was found. Not just the made up shortly after events of the past story junk but the out of no where hundreds of Spartan soldiers that kill the theme that Master Chief is man-kinds last hope and is one of a kind, and that the player knows Master Chief by his actions and role in the story, rather than by his face. The first main franchise Halo game that 343i makes they think nothing of Bungie's work and have no insight as to what themes, morals of a story, or symbolism. It's literally middle school knowledge to acknowledge these parts of the story and they completely ignored all of it. Just because the game has generic storyline twists as an excuse to go through generic levels, shoot things, throw in dramatized acting with generic AI going crazy and military officials yelling at man kinds savior and proven seasoned war hero, on top of imagining that Master Chief magically has thrusters in his suit, and just because they have the budget for high quality CGI doesn't mean the campaign or storyline was "good". "Fun" is an entirely different word from "good" in this case. A campaign, in this case, is about story and Halo 4 is absolutely terrible. Did you have fun seeing hundreds of made up Spartan's and shooting more aliens? Sure you did. But, that's not representative of the campaign actually being good for a CAMPAIGN.

Even the online in Halo 4 was stupid. It isn't Halo anymore. Don't even say it was one of the best or even the best Halo in the series if the story is completely irrelevant and milked and the multi-player is far from being what Halo once was.

Shadonic2579d ago

: / I tried to appease to the people who act like I disrespected their God when it comes to talking negatively about Halo 4 by saying that I thought the campaign was good. I shouldn't of lied though cause now I'm getting attacked by both sides, I guess Halo 4 is kinda like those Yellow minions from Despicable Me, no real substance but everyone loves them for some odd reason and attack anyone that dislikes it.

mixolydian_id2579d ago

Halo Reach WAS a good game!

Classic Bungie un-balanced balancing issues have been rife in many of their games.

Very pleased to see this come to games with gold... I have a friend who refused to accept reach because it wasn't Halo 4 - 5 - 6.

No I can force him to get hold of it and play a brand new game with him :)

There were 3 things wrong with Reach;

Armor lock
75% bloom
Over powered Jet packs

85% bloom was better in the title update but it took toooo long for it to come and they should've done away with the standard variants instead of shipping it as "Super Slayer"

Armor lock... broke the game... but was nerfed slightly after the title update.

Jets killed map design, why bother traversing the map when you can get 'top-mid' from any spawn.

Aside from that, 'Slayer pro' was sooooooo good! Arena very fun despite the 'Score system'
Forge was amazing.

Weapons were fun and the core of the game was classic Halo

Gazondaily2579d ago

A website called states that the PS+ is better than Gold...

Anyway, Reach is a decent offer but Crimson Dragon again? Come on...

andibandit2579d ago

hmm, so according to this article the PS+ games are a litte less pathetic that XBL Gold, this month

First of all, thats a subjective point of view.
Second is it really worth celebrating being a little less pathetic.

Pogmathoin2579d ago

Bad months for Sony and MS? Free games..... Horrible little fanboys, who buy used games all the time complain about the freebies..... Maybe they should just say f$&k you all and end the service, get out of gaming and move onto a market were people grew up.

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GarrusVakarian2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Same here. Loved the co-op campaign and loved the MP more than any other Halo.

In terms of this months offerings, though....meh. Not really interested in anything that's on offer for either console. Oh well, there's always next month.

Neonridr2580d ago

agreed. But September will keep me busy enough. I am still finishing up TLOU (only on Chapter 6, plus all the DLC there). Also picked up Metro Redux on Tuesday, so looking forward to playing through those two games. And then how can we forget September 9th with Destiny.

I won't have much time for the PS+ games anyways. But I will give Velocity and Joe Danger a look-see anyways.

Free is free, so who am I to complain..

sonarus2580d ago

To me PS+ has been quite weak for PS4 but very strong for PS3. The only PS+ game i would actually have paid for is probably resogun. Still waiting on drive club. With time though as PS4 library increases i expect sony to start adding some better games.

AngelicIceDiamond2580d ago

"{Halo Reach, which is the only glimmer of hope on Games With Gold is 4 years old, and is considered by some as one of the worst in the Halo series."

I also absolutely disagree with this. Bungie went out with a bang on Reach. And is considered one of most favored Halo game out of the series.

if it was ODST than that would make more sense.

You see this why I don't like dedicated Sony, MS, or Nintendo website trying to give insight on something they clearly don't know anything about.

It makes no sense.

Neonridr2580d ago

agreed ODST (while doing something a little different by giving you multiple stories from different perspectives) was definitely the weakest in the series IMO.

Death2580d ago

ODST while ok was originally DLC content and probably should have stayed that way. I enjoyed the game, but it by no means can stand on it's own.

The article is a complete joke since it compares apples with oranges and is no more than opinion since everyone has different tastes in games. It's biased opionion on top of that.

mochachino2580d ago

Reach was definitely my favourite single player wise. I got the most feels from it and loved the gameplay.

My least favourite was probably 4.

Shadonic2579d ago

Those feels when Kat died and Jorge sacrificed himself.

Mega242580d ago

All Halo games done by Bungie, we're masterpieces, Reach Story gave me goosebumps, *spoiler* and the death of Kat, never saw it coming.

Sayai jin2580d ago

My question why is this site defending Sony's Sept PS+ games. Oh its a Playstation site. There is still no need to say, but but's better. It makes the site look desperate..looking for hits.

PS+ is still a great value despite the games we get in Sep. No need to right a versus article...geez gaming journalism. If I dare call it that.

Killzoner992580d ago

It's not a great game and yes many consider it the worst in the series including myself.

Neonridr2579d ago

well according to metacritic it is the third highest rated Halo (behind #1 and #2)

LAWSON722579d ago

I love Halo Reach, as a spin off it is incredible. It sets itself apart from the core entries in a very subtle way and feels the same but unique all at the same time. I enjoyed every moment of my 800 or so hrs in the game.

HugoDrax2579d ago

"I enjoyed every moment of my 800 or so hrs in the game."

800hours? Really? I'm not doubting you, but instead of guessing you could log into and get an accurate reading. I was an awe when I logged onto a few months ago, and literally all of my Halo stats where there. Dating back to Halo 2 multiplayer stats, and some game clip recordings as well. Very Nostalgic.

ifistbrowni2579d ago

halo reach is the only free game im looking forward to downloading on this months free game list (ps3, ps vita, ps4, xbox 360 and xb1 combined). it's a pretty crappy month overall.

HugoDrax2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Super time Force? I'm excited for that game! and I've wanted to give it a try since it released. I think it's a good game to give away with GOLD for the month, considering it just released in May. It's gotten positive reviews as well

Metacritic: 81

IGN: 7.5 out of 10 GOOD

frezhblunts2579d ago

I'm sorry but the last PS plus free games for ps4 were good? I mean the only good ones they gave for free in my eyes were Strider and Outlast (which I missed out on, I wish they did what xbox one did). I know there isnt much to give for free yet just a bunch of indie games but come on the console war thing is tiring. I am not sure about the ps3 vs xbox 360 but halo reach is great

thenickel2579d ago

Halo Reach was the absolute worst Halo in the series. The series has yet to match the intense magic battles and sometime wacky world(marines going all out against you) of Halo 1.

3-4-52579d ago

Halo Reach was a ton of fun. It was exactly what Halo needed.

Halo 4 however, was complete Trash IMO, and had some of the least creative and laziest map designs I've ever seen.

I can't believe people actually earned a salary for creating those maps, and that somebody actually approved of those ideas.

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AngelicIceDiamond2580d ago

Hmm. Says a PlayStation website. Btw he clearly hasn't heard of Super Time force. I heard nothing but great things from it.

But with that said I probably have to agree PSN+ edges over GWG.

These titles will be ultimately forgotten once Destiny's released however.

Dewitt2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Exactly, incredibly biased article that really has no place on here. However, no I think GwG wipes the floor with PS Plus this month.

marlinfan102580d ago Show
admiralvic2580d ago

"Hmm. Says a PlayStation website."

I read the article and maybe its just me, but I got the distinct impression that it would take something undeniably awful for Sony to lose (like Basement Crawl level bad) and even then M$ would probably have to bring some heavy hitters.

Anyway, I disagree with the authors logic.

"PSABR isn’t considered to be the best game either, but it is only 2 years old, meaning the likelihood of owning or having played it is quite low in comparison to something like Halo Reach, which was a major release for Microsoft. "

Like this probably couldn't be more wrong. Not only was PSABR the literal first cross-buy game (which made it exciting in it of itself), bundled with that amazing Amazon bundle during the Vita's first year during BF, but it has also consistently been extremely cheap. Not cheap like $20 dollars if you're lucky, but 2 months ago it was literally $5 during a sale ( ), so I have to imagine most people who wanted it got it during one of those sales instead of holding out for a better deal. Furthermore, why is Reach's overall sales and interest held against it? A fair portion of the people who comment WANT games on the same tiering as Reach (if you're on that tiering, then it probably sold pretty darn well) and I don't think anyone would turn down Sony going back and offering something like Uncharted 1. We would probably see something like "I have it, but it's a must for anyone who hasn't experienced Naughty Dogs greatness."

I'm not saying M$ is undeniably better or worse, just that I don't think either month is exactly great and if I had to pick a winner, I would probably just consider it a wash.

ziggurcat2580d ago

i nearly peed myself with excitement when i saw the trailer for super time force. looking forward to downloading it now that i finally have an xbone.

ghostface92579d ago

ya i already bought it day one good game defintely worth playing it for free

DLConspiracy2579d ago

I agree, but don't really care for either side this month.

Still think a PlayStation centric website is far too concerned with whose better. Can't say that I blame them its been a bad week online for PSN.

Mulando2579d ago

Yes, the article is a click-bait, and nothing more.

I don't understant people complaining about something they get for free.
After all, those games are free. The Gold Service was always a paid service and you pay for the servers they have. That thing with those free games is nice, but I would still pay for good servers if there weren't any free games at all.

I know as teenager I also didn't want to pay extra for any multiplayer-games but at least since I'm grown up and working in IT business, I know that servers cost money and that money must come from anywhere if I want good availability of those servers.
And this for less than 3 bucks a month (thanks to ebay) we are talking about.

Games with Gold is just a bonus, well just try to get a few console games for 3 bucks a month.

Well, that said, I hope that there are less of these articles from so called "journalists" in the future.

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2580d ago Replies(2)
OllieBoy2580d ago

Wasn't Crimson Dragon free last month? lol

Hell yeah PS+ beats this. Easily.

matrixman922580d ago

yes, and you are only supposed to be given one free xbox one game with this games with gold deal. So they are actually extending it another month when they dont have to. Good on Microsoft