Titanfall Update Increases Max Players, Adds Burn Card Improvements, And More

Titanfall Update 6 adds Pilot Skirmish, a new game mode featuring 8v8 pilot-only combat. More changes are included, see the full list here.

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nicksetzer12482d ago

DUDE pilot only 8v8 sounds amazing.

SJPFTW2482d ago

meh ... essentially just makes it any other generic first person shooter. Titanfall without titans? That is like Uncharted without climbing.

UnHoly_One2482d ago

Agreed, that sounds terrible.

Dan_scruggs2482d ago

Ya. More options is a terrible idea. How dare the try and accommodate every type of player.


venom062482d ago

Titanfall without titans or bot, sounds like Advanced Warfare to me..

4Sh0w2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Yeah I got to disagree with you there nick, why the hell would I want to play TITANfall without TITANS dropping eveywhere?

OK, maybe to switch things up for a match or two but then it wouldn't feel like the same game..that can sometimes be a good thing, but imo in this case that's not a plus.

zacisyoface2482d ago

... so wait. You want a game Unique but shun when the Developrest do something unique .

I No Understand

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InTheLab2482d ago

Now where's all the apologists that said this will never and should never happen.

If the game launched with this mode, I'd still have it. I've been screaming this since I heard the game was filled with bots.

DLConspiracy2482d ago

I didn't know people were still complaining about AI in the game. I thought they were just playing the game and enjoying it for what it is. An arena based online multiplayer shooter.

2482d ago
kingdip902482d ago

They should have done 8 vs 8 at the beginning. Many more people would have bought the game then.

Funantic12482d ago

That's true. I loved the game just hated the bots. I just traded mine in. I might just go buy it back for this.

aimforthehead2482d ago

I love how before release many were very worried about mandatory bots making the game worse, they assured everyone bots would make the game amazing, and it turned out bots make it suck. I returned my titanfall + season pass right after purchasing. This is good, but until they add a server browser its still a no buy.

oSHINSAo2482d ago

i leave TF while ago, now im coming back, This is a Great mode, know, another mode with Titans, bot no AI, and thats it

700p2482d ago

People are still buying it. AND this will help. :)

Thatguy-3102482d ago

Lol thought that they never were going to do it because it wouldn't "fit" the game. A lot will change when Titanfall 2 comes out. I think they learned a lot from the first installment.

Neonridr2482d ago

new IP. Gotta work the kinks out I guess.

Spurg2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

'Lol thought that they never were going to do it because it wouldn't "fit" the game.'
They are talking about a new gamemode called Pilot Skirmish which will be an 8v8 gamemode. It doesn't have titans and grunts in it and it amkes sense to make it 8v8.
They didn't do higher than 6v6 because there would be too many titan on the map...that still stand here..normal game mode with titans are still 6v6.

qwerty6762482d ago

"8v8 pilot-only combat."

about dam time.

chaosx2482d ago

Not really Titanfall with no titans…

Antnee5342482d ago

Titans are what made this game garbage.

paddy952482d ago

Cool. It will be a bit like advanced warefare. This will keep me going until that come along laterin the year. Titanfall is ok, but it will get destroyed by the much more exiting COD in a few months.

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