Why Apple Should’ve Bought Twitch

Twitch was surprisingly purchased this week by Amazon for reasons that are not completely known. Some have even speculated that Amazon bought Twitch just to keep it out of Google’s hands. Google (YouTube) was probably a viable fit for Twitch, but we think Apple should have been the one to pull the trigger – here is why.

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iamnsuperman2492d ago

It would be an odd move by Apple. Apart from improving brand image (which I don't think will do much) what does Twitch do for Apple? Possibly music sales but the main focus is something Apple is in (gaming).

Amazon's purchase make a lot sense. They are the one big company to gain the most from the purchase

maxko2491d ago

Apple is not just a hardware company, they sell music, movies, apps, broadcasting, and they sell ads with iAds. I think the point is not that this is good for us, but good for Apple.

And yeah I'm glad they didn't buy Twitch too. I think Google would have gutted Twitch and shoved it into YouTube - without audio.

Gh05t2492d ago

I dont find any of these reasons compelling for why Apple should have bought Twitch.

hkgamer2492d ago

just a stupid article made by someone who put no thought or effort into it.

OUROSMAG2492d ago

So they could mess it up and charge you for it? no thanks.

colonel1792492d ago

They don't even know about any other type of video other than .mp4, how would they even realize twitch exist?

hkgamer2492d ago


Do people use their brains when they write any more? This is so far from what Apple actually does.

I'm also a little surprised that Amazon actually picked this up, but I guess them trying to get into the gaming industry may be part of this.

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