TeamXbox: Star Ocean: The Last Hope Preview & Producer Q&A

TeamXbox writes: "Role-playing games are filled with mystery. It's one of the driving forces that make them so compelling for players-not knowing what's around the next corner and having no clue what's coming up next or who you're going to meet. A good RPG keeps you guessing and smoothly resolves as you go along, giving you a few hints, along with tidbits of information, useful items and beneficial gear, as you endeavor to keep yourself (and maybe a party of fellow adventurers) alive through battle after battle.

When you consider Square Enix's Star Ocean: The Last Hope, which is due out in 2009, most of the mystery currently has to do with the game itself. Not what the main character will do and the numerous scrapes that'll pop up in the course of the journey, but actually what's up with the game since it was vaguely announced just a bit more than a year ago in Japan.

TeamXbox attended Microsoft's recent RPG Premiere 2008 in Tokyo earlier this week, and while some details on the game surfaced there, a number of new questions cropped up."

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Silver3603868d ago

And great answer to why 360. He was a very forthright developer.

PS360PCROCKS3868d ago

wow I'm not a fan of these games but this game looks beautiful.

ukilnme3868d ago

I'm more of a "gameplay whore" myself but I must say the graphics are quite impressive.

power of Green 3868d ago

I'v never wanted a JRPG as bad as an western shooter of action adventure game. Almost has a feeling of Mass Effect + a Well put together Anime movie.

NinjaRyu3868d ago

as much as the next J-RPG fan but I do hope they show gameplay of SO4 at E3. At least by the end of the year!