EA is aiming to earn $1 billion from additional content

Electronic Arts is attempting to make over a billion dollars in revenue from add-on and downloadable content this year.

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nX2492d ago

I hate this company, really. Not just out of principle or because it's cool but because they disappointed me so many times in the last 10 years... that's why this hate is real and that's why I stopped supporting them since BF4. Dragon Age might be the best game ever made but I'm still buying it used, maybe even on Day1 and I certainly won't buy any "extra content" to support this kind of greed.

radler2492d ago

lol and all the dumbasses will still keep buying their games like the sheep they are

dcj05242492d ago

To be fair their games are expensive and without a proper return they'll all lose their jobs.

GTgamer2492d ago

Okie dokie from now on we Only buy EA games Used.

persona4chie2492d ago

Agreed. In fact the only EA games I've bought over the last few years we're Alice, mirrors edge and Mrs most wanted

Muzikguy2492d ago

I wanna play Mrs most wanted! Not paying though :)

sonarus2492d ago

i hate EA as much as the next gamer for their general lazy practices not necessarily their greed. Companies are in it to try to make money and grow revenue so i won't judge them based on this and this is certainly not why i dislike EA.
Them paying the NFL to discontinue NFL 2k series and making madden the more inferior video game the only licensed nfl game on the market is the PRIMARY reason why i hate them. Not because they want to maximize their revenue.

aerisbueller2492d ago

People always use this 'companies are in it for the money' thing. Everyone goes to work for money, but it doesn't mean you have to act like a d!ck when you're there.

Valve is in it for the money. So is Amazon, and they're huge, so for all I know they're doing shady greedy things all the time behind the scenes, but as a customer all I get is excellent service and a streamlined experience. They make money by providing excellent services. Service creates money. Fine with me.

People don't hate EA because they're trying to make a lot of money, they hate them because you can't deal with EA in any way without being constantly reminded that they only exist to take your money. They should make money by making great games, period. Instead they make money by rushing developers to make the buck as quickly as possible, quality is secondary. And the greed seeps even further into the gamer experience with the nonstop DLC and subscriptions and season passes, etc, etc. They just don't even have the decency to pretend to be decent.

sonarus2492d ago

well then you can protest by withholding your dollars

user56695102492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Ea is the only company that is upfront about their tactics. Other publishers just lie to you in your face and people accept it even when they get caught. This is no surprise other companies are doing the same but let's act like Ea is the only one. Every publisher does that bs early access but it's a surprise ea is aiming for more dlc when gamers last Gen showed how they love it instead of expansion packs and free content that we use to have.

They are companies that's out to make money, it's gamers fault for being stupid that's why they are capitalizing on it. Paying for the mp part of a game you already own is now cool, paid content that devs use to give to their fanbase for free to keep them interested is now cool. Arguing over subpar games because they're exclusive or because the devs said the fps and res. Barely any local mp so biggest perk about consoles is missing but it's cool. Rehashes with minimal between series is now cool. Bashing Nintendo for trying different things but blame them for trash 3rd party games. Gaming is only going to get worst and we know why.

Have fun arguing over the Lil difference in res and fps while publishers get over on you. The bad part is pc gamers are seeing this and are getting nickeled and dimed for it.

Godmars2902492d ago

Other companies try to hide their greed by representing gamers in their PR statements.

EA on the other hand doesn't bother with any of that: they talk directly to their stockholders over gamers. Don't even try to hide the overall intention of making a profit because they have no respect for their customers. That's why what happened with Dungeon Keeper happened, and why features in past games are getting removed and sold as DLC in newer games.

Nyxus2492d ago

Well as long as people buy it, they will keep doing it.

700p2492d ago

No. They're a business. EVERYONE loves money.

BiggerBoss2492d ago

Does that make EA's ridiculous business practice any less greedy? Does it make it okay? I think not

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blackphosphor2492d ago

Pay to win coming to your console.

Mikelarry2492d ago

And I can say this with my head held up high " none of my hard earned money will be part of that"

mochachino2492d ago

The only DLC I've ever purchased was more SP, and even then it has to be good like GTA DLC or Last of Us.

I'll probably check out First Light too sometime this weekend, I need something new to play.

ninjahunter2492d ago

Maybe they would make 1 billion more if they didn't hack their games to pieces.

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