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Cinelinx - "When we got our hands on Second Son, we were thrilled. We loved a whole lot of things in the game, and instantly got excited when more got announced. What was one thing I specifically stated in the review of Second Son? I’d love to see more Fetch in the future. Well we got it, and it is what we wanted!"

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troylazlow2483d ago

At least this wasn't delayed until 2015! Bring it on!

LazyGoron2483d ago

I agree... got the Platinum in one 3/4 hour setting... very short game. They rehashed the "go find all the items on the map, but hey, we've marked EXACTLY where they are" technique, which belittles the exploration of an open world.

The "spray painting" is replaced with Fetch's neon writing, which is cool to look at, but I enjoyed turning the controller, hearing the "fssstt" of the paint etc. Simple, but brought me into the world more while playing 2nd Son. Fetch's writing and clunky and more times I felt annoyed at the controller not reacting to what I was doing than I felt excited to see what the final painting/image was.

This is a personal opinion, but the way Fetch and her brother interacted at times seemed almost incestuous. More than once I felt weird thinking "my sisters and myself would never interact with each other this way".

It is enjoyable, just a tad short. I would only suggest this to people who really enjoyed second son (I did).

Soldierone2483d ago

I agree with the clunky spray painting/ light drawings. Luckily there was only a few, but no matter which way I turn the controller it would go the opposite way, it made no sense.

As for the relationship, I thought that too, but then you remember she is they younger sibling and she is being protected by him. So she kind of latches on like that (I believe she is supposed to be young during this game too).

The only thing I really needed to play more than once was the rescue challenges.