Looks Like Xbox One SDK Update Is Working: Styx Master of Shadows Will Run At 1080p

Cyanide Studios are using the June SDK update for the Xbox One to improve the resolution of the Xbox One version to 1080p.

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Abash2483d ago

Was it ever even said that Styx had trouble hitting 1080p before the SDK update?

Saigon2483d ago

And strikes again...

4Sh0w2483d ago

I'm part of the problem because in some cases it's a worthwhile discussion but at this point it seems as if gamingbolt, dualshockers and gamepur really care more about res than gaming with 90% of their headlines about 1080p and basically they really have nothing new to add. Time for me to find some GAMING news.

redwin2483d ago

In a more interesting topic. this game reminds me of Soul Reaver, some how.

loulou2483d ago

@ Saigon.

Yep, Gamingbolt needs to be banned

GameNameFame2483d ago

Redux 900p before. 912p after sdk update. Lol

Benchm4rk2483d ago


You forgot to mention where the dev for metro said given more time they probably could of hit 1080p on xbox one but wanted a solid v synced 60fps.

mixolydian_id2483d ago

Does anyone know for sure if the June SDK is delivering DX12-beta feature sets?

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Kayant2483d ago

Not that we were told or the previous resolution it's getting boosted from.

Good news all around. The SDK improves is doing it's job well.

700p2483d ago

Yeah this is definitely great news :)

DeathOfTheFanBoy2483d ago

What I want to know is, how people are still not bored to actual death reading stories about resolution... Seriously, change the name of the site to N4R

AngelicIceDiamond2483d ago

This November will be its 1 year anniversary. Starting with COD Ghost.

Some still think ts end all be all unfortunately.

horndog2483d ago

It's what happens when you got a system with no good games. Talk about the res instead of the lack of games.

scootscottskeet932482d ago

Haha very delusional comment horndog

n4rc2482d ago

Think the first time I remember console resolution become a big deal was cod mw2.

Believe there was a lawsuit about claiming HD on the box but being 634p or whatever it was

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Christopher2483d ago

Based on this logic, there was never a need for the update since there was a 1080p game at release... I mean, all games run utilizing the exact same resources and requirements, right?

2483d ago
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user74029312483d ago

styx looks like a fun game, but not demanding at all.

RyujiDanma2479d ago

tell that to the playstation library

oSHINSAo2483d ago

Know, they should turn all the OS runing in the Xbox One, i think there are 3, it's great as a multiprocess, but, if all resources were focus on gaming, that will be a plus a big plus

mhunterjr2483d ago

Nah, I bought my console for the games AND the extra features that come with it.

oSHINSAo2483d ago

me too bro, so far i love it, and its getting more and more features, Xone is powerful, my point is that, games maybe are using what, 70-80% of final power, the extra percentage is in those features

turdburgler10802483d ago

As the console becomes more and more optimized MS will start handing back more resources to developers that were previously utilized by the OS. This happens with every console. Just takes time.


The X1 OS is actually more "Resource Friendly" compared to the PS4's OS. It uses only 3gb RAm vs PS4's 3.5gb, etc. The OS is not the problem...

slivery2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

No it doesn't, they both have the same amount reserved for the OS, they both use 5GB for games.

Naughty Dog confirmed this and said the PS4 allows 5GB for devs and 3GB reserved for the OS. Not like it would have made a difference anyway even if it was because the PS4's memory is faster.

Nice try.

AngelicIceDiamond2483d ago

I didn't even know this game was comin to console.

tlougotg2483d ago

If the new COD runs on Xbone at 1080p, 60fps and doesnt have any real noticeable downgrade to ps4 version then ill tip my hat off. But all these other clowns that make games that arent demanding on hardware making games 1080p isnt nothing to brag about.


Wolfinstein doesn't count??

Ron_Danger2483d ago

I have Wolfenstein on PS4 and it's not a demanding game at all. There's never more than 6 enemies in screen at once and all wall/ ground textures are mid resolution and flat. It's one of my favorite FPS' in recent years but don't try to use it as an argument about how taxing it is on a console.

ziggurcat2483d ago

wolfenstein was not 1080p all the way through. there was a drop in resolution during some (i'm reluctant to say all because i don't believe that to be the case) cutscenes.

Death2483d ago

Resolution is a crutch. What makes the differance is texture quality. If developers think all it takes is 1080p, this gen is going to suck. What we should be looking for is games that struggle to hit 900p and use the upscaler found on both consoles.

CYCLEGAMER2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

"Resolution is a crutch"

Exactly! A silly crutch at that.

It took me owning both consoles to realize how ridiculous the whole resolution thing is. The difference is not NEARLY as significant as the gaming media and certain fans want you to believe.

tlougotg2483d ago

Hence me adding the part where i mentioned if it runs the next COD at 1080p, 60fps with "no visual downgrade to ps4 version" then id tip my hat. I concur with you, its true they definitely can make 1080p, 60 fps games but if they cant get good lighting, textures, volumetric s, etc your hardware is still showing its weakness.

4Sh0w2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Yep, you're actually right...most games that are really pushing the console in all aspects won't be 1080p and 60fps, at least not now, I mean games that by design lean to high fidelity visuals, speed, 1 core gameplay function like Forza5 can do it because they don't go beyond the normal standards of design and that's not a knock against Forza5 which I love because it delivers in full on its objective as a racing sim, it however isn't pushing effects like weather, its not open world and does not offer any major GPU intensive features that its predecessor didn't have= perfect game to push 1080p 60fps. Besides racing I'd much rather have games like DR3 that had huge open world, tons of enemies on screen with no loading even if there are a few hiccups as opposed to a 1080p Knack that plays perfect. Don't get me wrong Knack has its place, just as indies have a place in a gamers library but if you're asking me what type of games I want to see then its stuff like Quantum Break, Bloodborne, Sunset Overdrive because they seem bigger and better than last gen which has nothing to do with res, if they are also 1080p even better but I'm cautious on the 1080p tag because in some cases so far I find some 1080p games unremarkable in every other aspect.

Bonkerz2483d ago

"All these clowns that make games that arent demanding on hardware" you do realize that the PS4 is VERY VERY indie friendly, so are you saying that majority of games on the PS4 right now are BS and made by clowns?

tlougotg2483d ago

That has absolutely nothing to do with the point at hand, smfh. The point we were talking upon was wether or not the sdk gave Xbone a good performance boost and wether or not it could do demanding games in 1080p, 60 fps with decent textures, lighting, etc... WTF does indie games or me calling devs that make non taxing games clowns? I play games like Dark Souls, Journey, etc... that arent taxing on hardware but whats your point? That they are not clowns? Who cares lol way to spin this into another topic.

sandman2242483d ago

I've been wondering the same thing. When do you think we'll find out about the resolution of advanced warfare?

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