Melee Elitists and Smash 4 Hate

The Super Smash Bros. scene has been growing more and more lately, and Smash 4 seemed to steal the show this year during E3. However, it seems that some hardcore Melee fans are already writing off the newest installment of the Smash series. To understand why, you’ll need a bit of history.

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wonderfulmonkeyman2492d ago

IMO, it's a minority of the Melee community that is writing off the game, right now.

Just the fact that it's got hitstun and higher speed was enough to endear a lot of players to it, and the pros that played at the E3 tournament walked away with more praise than criticism for the game.

In the end, there's always going to be elitists, but since their numbers are much smaller for this entry than they were for Brawl, I think Smash 4 is going to find a more-than-comfortable place amongst the fans.

And a major part of that is going to be due to the customizable movesets.
You just KNOW that the competitive Smash community is going to go through all those options, over and over and over, with a fine-toothed comb to see what is and isn't tournament viable, then design tourneys around allowing different sets.

It's going to be an awesome time that only the minority of haters will miss out on.

DarkKaine2492d ago

I'll still play it, but my expectations just aren't high having played Brawl.
It's not that I don't have faith in Sakurai, it's just that it's nearly impossible to trump a perfect game.

A game that is today officially an eSport.
A game that has received perfect 10's in review scores.
A game that was the best selling title on the entire GameCube platform.
A game that is still being played today despite it's release in 2001.
A game that has people yelling their lungs out because they can't contain the hype of seeing high level competitive play.
A game that was "catered towards those that are well-versed in videogames." - Masahiro Sakurai.

Sometimes it's better to just set your expectations low so you won't get disappointed.
How do you beat a perfect game?
Paper Mario hasn't seen a solid entry ever since TTYD on the GameCube.
Kirby games are still great, but in my book, Super Star on the SNES will never get trumped.
There is a limit.. never set a perfect game as your standard, because perfect games come out only once in a while.

acekaze2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

I cant agree to this, a game where everyone always uses the same characters over and over is obviously flawed.

Sheed2491d ago

I loved the original and i loved melee.
Brawl felt more like a step back but, smash 4 is a step forward for both competitive and casual smashers