TeamXBox: SeaLife Safari Review

TeamXbox writes: "If someone gets into a discussion with other people on video games for the purpose of learning about a title, much of the beginning details center on the genre. Is it an action game? Platformer? RPG? If it's a sports game, is it a "simulation" or "arcade"? Before the game's finer points are elaborated upon, these are the kinds of details that need to be sorted out.

Every once in a while, that kind of information is elusive. In some titles, there are multiple genres being utilized, requiring drawing out or "slashing" the description (such as "Oh, it's an action/RPG with some stealth in there"). Other games take the genre blending to such a degree that it sort of blurs the ability to strictly categorize it. In still others, the game makers have taken such a different approach in the gameplay that the game falls-dare I say?-into a new or at least hard-to-define genre. The latter area is kind of where Sierra Online's SeaLife Safari, the publisher's latest Xbox Live Arcade title, falls."

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