Titanfall Game Update Six

NEW FEATURES (All Platforms)

Pilot Skirmish is the New Featured Game Mode - Pilot Skirmish is an 8v8 mode with no AI and no Titans. Due to the difference in player sizes with the rest of the game modes, Pilot Skirmish will not be among the game modes played when choosing Variety Pack playlist.

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iRocket2487d ago

I think this new game mode is one of the most interesting additions to this. 8v8 with no titans? Isn't that what some people wanted?

n4rc2486d ago

Not only that.. But no ai either..

I don't mind the bots.. Completely get why they are there but it will be kinda cool to play a traditional 8v8 game..

ThichQuangDuck2486d ago

Thought people still wanted Titans in too,but close enough. Glad they are listening

Loktai2486d ago

I guess variety doesnt hurt, to make it sensible with titans you'd need to up the size of the maps and stuff too which might be fine on PC but if they want to keep parity with the Xbox one and 360 versions it might be a problem.

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sourav932486d ago

I just hope this update fixes the random freezes on PC. Gets really annoying and detracts from the game experience.

DFogz2486d ago

Sounds like that might be a problem with your PC. I play Titanfall on PC as well and since day1 have never had it freeze on me.

Loktai2486d ago

Same- no problems on my rig.

sourav932486d ago

Huh... That's weird. None of my other games seem to have a problem. My rig's got a 2600K, gtx 770, and 8 GB of RAM. so I doubt it's the specs. Hmm... Maybe I'll check the EA forums for some answers.

1nsaint2486d ago

damn still no free for all

yankolo2486d ago

Yeaaaah this is gooood ....but free for all would be goood will come dont worry people...I hope mark for dead stays