Comment: The Vita isn't dead, but it's not the console you thought you bought

Dealspwn writes: "Everyone keeps telling me that the PlayStation Vita is dead in the water. From our own Brendan Griffiths to James Portnow and co, it's hard to argue with the logic. Sony didn't mention the device once during their Gamescom presser, sales figures are buried in their financial reports and landmark releases have slowed from a trickle to a standstill over the last few months. If Sony hadn't nailed it to the shelves it'd be pushing up the daisies.

But there's a problem. If the PS Vita is floundering and fading as badly as many pundits believe, then why am I constantly spending every minute of my free time reviewing PS Vita games? I'd nail down the coffin lid, only there's so much new software spilling out of it! And I have to finish off my Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited and Danganronpa 2 reviews for tomorrow. And play some more Borderlands 2.

So no, dear reader, the Vita is very much alive."

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jujubee882483d ago

I knew what I bought, you don't know me OP. :|

SG1_dapunisherX2483d ago

3ds is type I want. Big N support their system unlike sony.

gangsta_red2483d ago

Sony has a hard time supporting a lot of their peripherals. Which should make a lot of people cautious about the Morpheus.

Spotie2483d ago

gangsta_red has a hard time not trolling Sony articles. Which is why his opinion should be disregarded.

Rather than not supporting them, they don't put the heavy emphasis on them that other console makers do.

I will admit that I haven't seen as much from Sony as I would have liked. But I'm also intelligent enough to understand why it's happening, too.

Blues Cowboy2483d ago

The 3DS is amazing, but both handhelds have their place. Streetpass means that I'm more likely to carry the 3DS around, whereas at home I'm all about the Vita.

Scatpants2483d ago

There hasn't been a good game released on 3DS in months and the only games I'm looking forward to are Smash Bros and Persona. Meanwhile I've been getting almost a game a week for my Vita. I guess if you like Nintendo's 4 good games a year release schedule then go for it. I have both and I hardly ever play my 3DS.

SG1_dapunisherX2483d ago

persona q is the reason i want a 3ds play golden for the first time beat it and fell in love with the series.

eferreira2483d ago

I like both handhelds and own them but I've only purchased 1 3ds game this year. Mario Golf. It's been dry for the 3ds lately.

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qwerty6762483d ago

idk, although the vita hardly isnt dead

its pretty disheartening when sony doesn't even acknowledge it during e3 and gamescom

and when you hear stories like target basically saying they're going to stop carrying it.

the future is not looking promising.

NotAfanBoyy2483d ago

hopefully the "PlayStation" name in PS TV can generate more sales in this otherwise dead platform

people can't resonate with this - PS what?

It's a shame really, nice hardware - has so much potential

real blow to the next gen thus far - except 3DS of course, only system selling good

crusf2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Vita needs games that attract general consumers. No niche games. Borderlands 2 was the closest we got recently. After that sony said "Forget it" and throws the towel. It's really sad.

dodgemoose2483d ago

BL2 probably didn't sell very well.

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