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Askanison42482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

That's total bollocks. Keep 'em.

EDIT: just to clarify; Crimson Dragon is total, unrepentant shite.

IanVanCheese2482d ago

It is kinda pants, but Super Time Force is awesome.

Mr Pumblechook2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

September is a bit w*** to be honest.
Offering Crimson Dragon two months in a row feels like Microsoft are trying to get one over on us because people who were Xbox One Live subscribers are effectively getting only one new game. So their promise to offer two titles rings a bit hollow.

Giving away Dishonoured last month on 360 was a touchdown. I know they can't give AAA games like that every month but Halo: Reach? It's undoubtedly a great game but it's FOUR years old now.

Microsoft obviously had to introduce Games with Gold because of the value offered by PlayStation Plus but now they have the service they are not offering what they said and undermining the service.

nicksetzer12482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

@pumble except their promise was 1 game, and they have been giving 2....

Read fine print, "for paid gold members 1 xbox one and 2 xbox 360 games"

Mr Pumblechook2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

@nicksetzer1 "Read the fine print"

Thank you nick, your example image sums up what's going on perfectly!

Why is it under Phil Spencer we always have to look at the asterisk or 'read the fine print?'

Why is it we are deliberately led to believe a game is a true exclusive then later told it has a 'duration'?

I don't want to have to look out for clauses and fine print and asterisks. I just want executives from ALL companies to talk straight with us.

AngelicIceDiamond2482d ago

I was thinking about buying Super Time Force actually.

But now that its free I can save my money now.

The selection overall is not looking good. Most people already have Reach. Monaco should be fun if your into that.

But Super Time Force I heard was LOADS of fun so that game is a big win.

Overall its a pretty bad for September. Which makes sense considering Destiny is released in another week. The last thing MS or Sony is wanna give out AAA's that a large amount of people probably won't download nor play.

mcstorm2482d ago

@AngelicIceDiamond part of the reason they will be giving people reach is because Halo Collection is out soon and this will give the people who don't have halo a taste and maybe want to jump to an Xbox one for the Halo Collection.

Ive still not played any of the games for gold games yet but I've downloaded them all on my Xbox one to get through at some point.

u got owned2482d ago

@Mr Pumblechook

Ohh boy... Another victim of the evil corporation...

Gotcha52482d ago

Super Time Force for me and f2p Warframe releases on Sept. 2

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OpieWinston2482d ago

I enjoyed Crimson Dragon. It needed some work done on it but it was a pretty fun On Rails shooter.

gamerfan09092482d ago

It was pretty bad. I didn't think it was unplayable and I've had a decent time playing it for free. But it's not that great or as good as the other titles released on Sega.

3-4-52482d ago

I was thinking of buying super time force so this is nice, but Keeping that dragon game is a weak decision.

So for September we only get One game with gold, because we already had the dragon game from august.

700p2482d ago

And again. These games are free...stop complaining.

-ShadowKing-2482d ago

cannot agree here, never played it

come_bom2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Microsoft had a excellent opportunity next month to get one over Sony... and they completely fu**ed it up as usual. Looks like they are intentionally trying to loose the console war.

Those X1 offerings are crap, even worse then Sony's PS+ PS4 offerings.

Microsoft has to be more like Sony. If Sony notices their console is loosing ground, they offer something that other consoles don't have, that way improving their sales. A example is PS+.
The same thing doesn't happen with Microsoft. If they are losing, they try to offer similar things as their main competition. They don't try and improve their offerings in relation to the competition, but simply try to equal it. With this mentality Microsoft is going to loose big in this console war.

GearSkiN2482d ago

I'm sorry but I have PSN too I don't see them giving away any better deal this September....

come_bom2482d ago


Sony doesn't need to offer better things then they are offering now. They are selling like crack, so why should they offer something better then Microsoft. It's Microsoft that has to improve their offerings to increase their sales.

andibandit2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )


It's thinking like yours(lets do minimum effort), that landed sony in trouble back in 2006.

2482d ago
Kribwalker2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Coincidence they are giving bungies last game for free the same month bungies next game comes out?

I've been waiting for ryse to come out, since i played it at launch and then traded it in. Would love to play through it again for free

FanboyKilla2482d ago

Lol nothing but sony fans here, knocking xone games. You were ok with the crap ps plus is giving lol. Super time force is a game i actually want to play. Good job ms. Keep them hating.

Askanison42482d ago

Super Time Force is looking pretty good. I'll grab that.

Giving a game from last month again is a cop out (and it wasn't even a good game).
If they gave away Guacamelee again or something like that I don't think it would bother me as much.

Revengeance2482d ago

But I thought you Xbox drones don't like indies, but now that it's free you suddenly like them?

Prime example of a hypocrite here.

reko2478d ago


because xbox makes crappy shitty boring games LOL

ifistbrowni2482d ago

halo reach? my buddy has been nagging me to go pick this up, now i wont have to. clutch.

CuddlyREDRUM2482d ago

You find it "unrepentant"? Do you want to look up that word, first?

Askanison42481d ago

I didn't say it was just unrepentant - I said it was unrepentant shite*. It's awful and doesn't want to be anything else. You wanna look it up?

Chanogram2481d ago

Crimson Dragon is not that bad. Once you get the hang of the controls and get into the game, it's actually quite fun. I have many friends that have put a ton of time into it and enjoy it.

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TMARama2482d ago

I feel they're at least headed in the right direction, and I realize the game selection on the Xbox One isn't terribly great yet, but they could at least try a little harder rather than recycling Crimson Dragon. It seems the Xbox One titles have about a 50/50 chance of sticking around for 2 months rather than one

Sayai jin2482d ago

They do not have many games to offer on XBox One GWG right now die to the amount of games. Once they do have the game library built they better bring 'em.

TMARama2481d ago

I'm waiting to see LocoCycle put up on GWG for the Xbox One. It was a launch arcade title and would definitely garner more attention than repeating Crimson Dragon

wscarborough142482d ago

They've been doing really well since Spencer stepped in. Dishonored and Halo Reach are great games that are fairly recent.

El_Colombiano2482d ago

I signed in for the first time in months just to ask if FOUR YEARS, 2010 RELEASE DATE, was RECENT? Halo Reach is FOUR YEARS OLD.

hermsgerms2482d ago

It's not recent but it could be fun to play and kill time until Master Chief Collection. Since that game won't be part of the collection I wouldn't mind running the campaign again on the 360.

JeffGUNZ2482d ago

First time in months? You're profile says your last sign in was 9 days ago lol

El_Colombiano2482d ago

Some of my devices may still be signed in, but I have not left a comment in a while lol

Swiggins2482d ago

Your last comment before today was 18 days ago....Boy oh boy do you look silly right now.

wscarborough142482d ago

The Sony is strong with this one...

BX812482d ago

Someone has been sniffing the Colombian bam bam too much!

El_Colombiano2482d ago

Yea, 18 days ago, a while. I used to be at like, ten comments a day. What I was getting across is that it's an old game. Hardly silly.

nunley332482d ago

I think @El_Columbiano was being a bit dramatic

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nunley332482d ago

Reach isn't recent but i wouldn't complain about getting, it's a quality game. I've only played a little of Halo one and i haven't turned on my 360 in a couple years.

WeAreLegion2482d ago

I highly recommend Monaco. It's fantastic with friends!

barb_wire2482d ago

Never played 'Halo Reach' so that's damn cool for me! Although even now, I can't believe they still charge $24.99 for it.

TMARama2482d ago

Yeah, the regular price tag attached to Reach is a tad steep given its age and the fact that it isn't the most recent Halo game. Then again, I find the digital download price for most games on XBL and PSN are steep considering you can generally find physical copies cheaper.

nunley332482d ago

Which is why both will push the all-digital reason to lower the price without retail and the occasional sale online.

mochachino2482d ago

Reach is the best Halo game, at least in terms of SP imo. Enjoy!

Ausbo2482d ago

Not sure many will agree with you on that one

GearSkiN2482d ago

Sp was good but I won't say it's the best one of halo series.

skoorydook2482d ago

I'll give you best Halo SP on the 360

beerzombie2481d ago

Reach is fun I got the game free in a beta test.