Lords of the Fallen world trailer released

Neil writes "Lords of the Fallen will release on October 31st and the latest trailer shows off the dark and mysterious world that awaits. "

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GusBricker2493d ago

Lookin' awesome!

Kinda glad AC: Unity moved to November, now it's just Lords of the Fallen and Sunset Overdrive on Oct 28th.

Rockefellow2493d ago

I'm still pretty optimistic about this game, but I'd like to see some more thorough previews and get a better idea on the scope of the game from the devs, from the game world itself to all the weapons and enemy variations and so forth. Everything we've seen so far looks intriguing, but I feel like I know hardly anything about it.

A demo before launch would be great to get a feel for the general combat and underlying mechanics.

nucky642493d ago

doesn't it take away from the fun of the game if you know TOO much?

Rockefellow2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I hope I didn't imply that a developer needs to show off their entire game before launching it-- part of the excitement of playing a game is indeed in the exploration and discovery. However, almost nothing shown from Lords of the Fallen gives me the impression that most new games do-- it makes me question what kind of content we're going to end up with and if it'll be worth the price of admission.

For a brand-new IP, I don't know very much about this game, and a lot of what I do know stems from press comparing it to Dark Souls constantly. What we need are trailers that will hype the experience; something to give us an idea of the world we'll be exploring, the weapons we'll use against the many types of enemies we'll hopefully face, and what kind of experience we can look towards. You know, brief glimpses and promises into what we'll have to enjoy when we buy the game, not documentaries revealing everything.

A game like Destiny does their advertising correctly for a new IP: it covers the broad experience very well and draws viewers into the world and its story without revealing too much about what one might discover while playing alone-- that's the whole point of the game (though it's a bit disappointing that each planet only has one playable area and they showed much of it off already, but I digress). This trailer here for LotF is a nice start, but it feels like it's just a quick camera pan around one or two levels/locations in the game, and it has the opposite effect that I'd imagine a marketing team wants from their demographics.

As for a demo, it doesn't have to be something that ruins the full experience-- it just needs to show off how the controls handle, how the combat feels, etc. In a game that's trying to bill itself as a Dark Souls protege, it's important that the controls feel adequate lest the entire game is tarnished. I don't think it's unfair to want to see how it plays before sinking $60 into it.

Anyway, this is too long-winded for something that isn't out yet and I'm excited for all the same. I'm buying this to support the devs and because I'm frankly not very excited for much else this fall.

Forn2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

It's going to be a crazy few months coming up far as game releases goes. Can't wait. LotF is looking good, really loving the art direction.

boing12493d ago

Oh, man! This is on my radar now. Looks sweet!

theshredded2493d ago

Sleeper hit of the year I think

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