Tell Us Why You should be in Street Fighter IV

Capcom: "By emitting a steady stream of constant whining, we are occasionally able to induce a trance-like state in Street Fighter IV producer Ono-san. During these periods he becomes momentarily confused and sometimes even agrees to one of our hair-brained ideas. This is bad news for Ono-san, but good news for you.

The latest idea to sneak past was to have some Street Fighter fans' faces--yes, your actual faces--appear as background characters in Street Fighter IV.

What do you have to do to snag a spot in Street Fighter history? You send us... whatever (pictures, video, dissertation, limerick, daguerreotype, singing telegram) explaining why you should be in Street Fighter IV. Your reasons can be good or bad, great or small--doesn't matter. Champion player? World's biggest collector? Cosplayer supreme? Anonymous, undistinguished weirdo looking for the limelight? All are welcome to make their case.

Winners will also need to send us high-res shots of their faces for computer model-ification, and the deadline for this is TIGHT, so send in your entries NOW.

Entries should be sent to [email protected] All entries must be received by next Wednesday, June 18th.

In addition to your explanation of why we should have your face in our game, include name, age, phone number, and of course your email address.

Hit the jump for a minor amount of legal mumbo-jumbo regarding your entry, and the fine-print about how, should you win, Capcom technically owns your face."

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crazy250003870d ago

Makes it seem like the people who play SF are nerdy lol

pirat10fc3869d ago

This game looks like dissapintment. What's with naked characters.

SpinalRemains1383868d ago

Im sorry, I really don't want to bash this article but.......when did Ken and Ryu become obsolete? We have to appease the geeks by putting them in the game for cryin out loud. Common. Gotta be some actual news out there relating to the game