StarCraft II Preview - Workers by StarCraft: IncGamers have looked further into the "new" (or at least updated) worker units of StarCraft II:

"While they toil away their lives (or warranty) for thir masters, and being sent away on suicide scouting missions, they still manage to take pride in their work, and always fulfil the task the omnipotent shadowy authority figures tells them. They deserve a bit of appreciation!

Well, perhaps we won't go that far, (they might be getting ideas), but at least check out the workforce of StarCraft II! Here is a preview of the StarCraft II Probe, SCV and Drone."

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SCFreelancer3780d ago

The workers have changed a bit graphically, but I was wondering if they changed other then that?

Leord3780d ago

Oh crap, another person who gets hung up over StarCraft: IncGamers current news post system...

Well, the stats that are available has changed slightly as well, and the Drones don't do all buildings any more. There's more info in the preview though...

SCFreelancer3780d ago

The descriptions on the various units are pretty nice by the way, I love them :)

Leord3780d ago

Oh, ffs, can someone approve the story?

Wuushu3780d ago

Nice stuff, thanks for sharing - can't wait to hear more at WWI.. :O

Leord3779d ago

Yey, news approved 24 hours after posting =P

I am also longing for WWI! Will be so cool!