Destiny Now Available for Preload on Xbox One

"You can now preload the game on the Xbox One."

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n4rc2482d ago

What? Seriously? Lol

n4rc2482d ago

Yes indeed.. Downloading now.. Only 18gb? Hmm

JeffGUNZ2482d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Figured it would be 30-40 easily for the size of the game. At least we know all the other planets are not included on the game and just need to be unlocked via DLC.

qwerty6762482d ago


owning both systems went with xbox one version. worried about psn crashing during launch.

call me superstitious but i just have this feeling that its going to.

Sayai jin2482d ago

I hope both PSN and XBL are running on all cylinders when this game launches. I'm sure both will be fine.

Chanogram2482d ago

I'm hoping both hold up as well. They both have had their issues recently...

towelie12882482d ago

SWEEET downloading now!!!

JeffGUNZ2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

I know what I'll be doing first thing tomorrow before work!

Artista 2482d ago

Nice. That convenience.