The Value of PlayStation Plus

"As recent attacks on the PSN occurred and September’s titles for the Instant Game Collection were announced,m any are voicing their disappointment in PlayStation Plus as a paid service, citing reasons like “lack of security” on the online network and another “terrible month” of Plus free games, which prompted me to ask the question: Is there value in PlayStation Plus, both on the free games side of things, as well as paying to play online?” - PSLS

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dbjj120882493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I like PlayStation Plus a lot but as the months have gone on I've been less motivated to download EVERYTHING.

RosweeSon2493d ago

With the amount and quality they were giving away tho it had to dry up a bit at some point, there's only so many games released a year but yeah last month or 2 it's been a bit average, something tells me they are stacking up for Christmas to have some epic free games available over that important chrimbo period, as for Value, it pretty much pays for itself, what's not to like, pay £40 a year and get access to a minimum of 2 free games a month, bargain ;)

Kivespussi2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I've felt like the quality has dropped greatly. I think they just aren't as motivated to add quality content on plus because it's mandatory now on PS4 but I hope they're preparing for a huge wave of AAA games for PS4 by saving money and giving us a couple months of indies and mediocre AAA titles

brish2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

My "problem" with ps+ is there is so much content that is released I don't have enough time to play everything.

I just downloaded last months content a few days ago because I had to clear up some space because of everything else I downloaded.

It's a good problem but it is a problem!

HanzoHattori2492d ago

I have that same damn problem. Dammit! hahaha

ziggurcat2492d ago

i have seriously saved well over $1,000 in games from all of the free stuff they give out. as a result, i have a backlog a mile long that i probably won't ever get to because new stuff keeps getting released.

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Omar912493d ago

Its been lacking these past few months.. especially for ps4 only owners.

NikX2493d ago

True there hasn't been much good games for PS4 just indie games (don't get me wrong some of them are great). We likely won't see AAA Games for PS4 till next year.

I for one hoping that next month will have AAA Games more than Indie Games.

Omar912493d ago

Yea it's been really barebones for a while. I'm waiting for Wolfeinstein and ACBF to be apart of PS plus. Even if Sony came out with a statement stating that we will see AAA ps plus games soon, I would be happy. I just need to know they are coming lol.

GundalfDeGrej2492d ago

It kinda bugs me how PS4 owners are also the ones who must pay for it if they want to play online.

I regret buying my one year subscription as soon as I did. There aren't even that many really good games to play online right now. That's my mistake though. The value of PS+ will increase when the game library is bigger of course.

Death2493d ago

Did this actually get approved? It's a link to comments by gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.