PS4 Demand 6X Higher Than Closest Competitor (WiiU) In Germany; Xbox One Demand Lower Than Xbox 360

PS4 demand remains far higher than competitors in Germany, with WiiU securing the second place and Xbox One even beaten by Xbox 360.

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kaiserfranz2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Hmm, why all this difference in Germany? Sure, PS4 is in the first place everywhere, but generally Xbox One has stronger demand than WiiU.

SoapShoes2483d ago

Not really, Wii U is still outselling it worldwide.

GarrusVakarian2483d ago

"Xbox One Demand Lower Than Xbox 360"



Alexious2483d ago

You're right, WiiU seems to be on the rise, at last.

nX2483d ago

WiiU + PS4 is the way of common sense this gen, gamers in Germany know whats up.

SilentNegotiator2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Of course it is. Wii U launched a title from one of its top 3 selling game series of the last 15 years (Mario Kart) and Xbone has yet to release a Halo, let alone a GeOW.

sonarus2483d ago

Xbox has never done well outside of the UK so this is no surprise. For Xbox one to be successful they need to be focusing all efforts on US & UK and at least they can cut costs in other regions and sustain success in these primary regions. But as it stands now they are losing in every region which is just foolish. You have to win at home first before taking your game on the road

mixolydian_id2482d ago

In the popularity contest they're winning...

I for one, am not a sheep and will buy what I want/prefer regardless of whether others see it as right or better.

I hate people getting on the band-wagon but I also don't go the other route just to spite the majority.

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bouzebbal2483d ago

i agreed by mistake, sorry :)
Wii U is becoming the hot device right now, check the last global sales numbers.

Festano2483d ago

With Mario kart and upcoming titles coming Wii U is getting very interesting.

odderz2483d ago

Wii u has become the console to have beside or Ps4 xbox one, although it has a lower hardware makes it clear that the games are that run a console and not the hardware.

BG115792483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

@Festano, not to say Splatoon!
I tried it out at an event and it is a really good awesome game. I actually can see competitive events based on this game.

WeAreLegion2483d ago

Well, it may have changed recently. The Wii U is outselling the XBO worldwide on a weekly basis right now.

kaiserfranz2483d ago

Must be the Mario Kart fever

Concertoine2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Yeah im not gonna lie i expected it to have slipped back into third on a weekly basis, but its been beating XB1 every week since the end of May. People thought i was being a hater or xbox fanboy or something whenever i said that, but i really am glad to be wrong in this case.

We'll see what MCC and SOD do for the xbone, but Wii U has some heavy hitters this year as well.

Enemy2483d ago

This might have something to do with Xbox One's failure.

MCTJim2483d ago Show
come_bom2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

With the bad press the X1 had, the only way to save it is with exclusives, more exclusives and even more exclusives. Multiplatform games are not going to save the X1 like they did with the X360.

The way this is going Microsoft will have to release at least double the exclusives released on WiiU and PS4, if they want people interested in their console. Microsoft needs to heavily invest in 1st party studios.

ShowGun9012483d ago

i agree, but there is one other option... PROVE that kinect 2.0 is nessassary for a true next-gen experience... its STILL the differentiating factor between the x1 and the ps4, so make it a strenght, instead of a weight around the x1's ankle... wheres the kinects killer app?

kinect 2.0 needs its own "Halo"


After they unbundled it? Not going to happen, it would split the user base and get even more negativity as they waited for the unbundle to present something meanningful to the accessory.

But more than that, I believe they never even planned to really support Kinect... I mean, they can't be that clueless! Who seriously wants to be jumping in front of the TV for most or all of it's games in the future? They must had known that Kinect was not the next step all along.

Motion control was a passing trend. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are people interested in Kinect that are "legit" gamers (pardon the poorly based expressions, but this is already too long for deeper explanations) , but the number is very limited and hardly most will see it as the next big evolution in gaming... It's obviou that the huge success motion controls had past gen was a momentary thing, just look at Wii software sales throughout years, it had a big Spike fulled by random crap motion games and WiiFitness-ish games between 2008 and 2010, but it obviously wasn't helping with any other games salling and the platform itself was far behind inmost markets after that moment. That point at what we all know, call it casuals or however you see fit, but the people buying those stuff were not really into gaming, they bought a Wii and a single game to be part of the fun everyone else was talking about and than they left it to collect dust.

And MS must have been fully aware of it, mind you. They had firsthand experience with Kinect on 360, somewhat late to the motion control fever, they were very successful on the first six months or so, but as dead as it get ever since (which means: a couple of Ubi weirdos will still support it and some dozens of hipsters were still buying Kinect games, but that's it, way less sales than Kinects sold numbers suggest).

That's why I'm pretty sure there were never plans to get this development focus towards Kinect 2.0 anyway... In fact, I believe the plan was to get rid of kinect all along, just as soon as it covered it's purpose, Kinect 2.0 was a marketing card. The first Kinect raised interest in 360 for a while, maybe it could do the same for the next console in it's early days and pull MS ahead of competition early and be an opition later to cut price. It just happened that the original plan backfired. Bundled Kinect 2.0 never atracted the non-gaming crowd while it made the XB1 higher priced and hated by some "hardcore" gamers, which may or not be related to PS4 so badly outselling it, but didn't matter, it had to be dissed immediatly for XB1 to have a pricecut and remain competitive.

Kleptic2483d ago

Its very important for people to understand that the 360 did well mostly because of mistakes on others parts, not so much MS being brilliant...

the 360 released before the PS3, but that wasn't MS executing some insanely detailed plan, it was because BD diodes screwed up the PS3's initial launch window (which was scheduled for just a month or two after the 360 in some territories)...that same situation also caused the sky rocketing price of the PS3; another win for MS...

the only real thing MS did was handed over money to 3rd party publishers, a lot of which were just to get a day 1 release on their system with the PS3...

I'm not saying in those moves that MS was bad for consumers...quite the was the first time a company was able to remove what was almost a monopoly on 3rd party software for over 10 years...shareholders hated it, though...

either way...all this is pretty obvious that MS really didn't have a tangible idea of what they did right last generation...because all they really did was picked up Sony's rather substantial fumbles multiple times...big difference now, because Sony has yet to fumble anything related to the PS4...

both need more software, imo...but MS is in quite a whole and its pretty obvious at this point that there is no way out...and kinect 2.0 or whatever was never close to something that would save the system...hence the split for a price cut...

2483d ago
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Kayant2483d ago

Wii U confirmed for second place in germany this gen.
That 40% marketshare looool -

Aurenar2483d ago

If we consider how the new consoles are mediocre, it is strange and surprising

xHeavYx2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Mediocre? Yeah, sure...

Forn2483d ago

Just the Xbone unfortunately.

thisismyaccount2482d ago

Not really... it´s only because most (or at least myself) can not comprehend how a roughly 50% weaker system can be twice as big in volume as its competitor and still come with an external brick.

Now if the XB1 was half the size and had a much smaller external psu (like a dreamcast), it would have probably gotten better feedback from the costumers around the world, even with its ~50% weaker components.

How can you make it twice as big as the PS4 and still be ca. 50% weaker overall? That makes no sense...

Silly Mammo2483d ago

Sounds like someone is trying to justify to themselves to stay with the last gen console.

ainTgoTTime2bleed2482d ago

Only ONE of them is mediocre..;)

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XtraTrstrL2483d ago

I might get a Wii U, if they make a model with a decent sized internal HDD. 8Gb - 32GB, with DLC being the same size as on PS4/X1 is laughable.

Totoro172483d ago

Sighhh...I hate to agree, but the HDD space is ridiculous on the WiiU. That doesn't stop me from recommending the hell out of this system (I love it so, so much), but I'm staying away from the Nintendo eShop because it's a pain to connect an external HDD PLUS, there aren't really any special benefits of downloading games besides having instant access.

XtraTrstrL2483d ago

Yeah, I kinda wanted to go all digital this gen, like on my PS4. I've been wanting more and more to get a Wii U with each exclusive that comes out, but I really am hoping they get like a 500GB one soon or something.

Gemmol2483d ago

your using a bad hard drive or something, the best one to use is the one I post in the link, there are no problems with it

Concertoine2483d ago

If they did they would have to make a bigger system, the current one is too small to include anything but flash memory.

That would be pretty funny if they released a fat Wii U after a slim one.

XtraTrstrL2483d ago

I'm sure they could rearrange the internals to fit a 2.5in HDD inside a near-future model. It was silly to come out with 32GB as the max internal size, when you have games with multiple GB DLC downloads. It's nonsensical really, not everyone wants an external connected to their console.

Nevers0ft2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Although I understand your problem, I can't fault the logic behind Nintendo's decision. With the ever-changing price of hard disks and flash memory, it's better and cheaper for the end user to just buy external storage if they need it for the Wii U. Considering how much Microsoft charge for a 360 drive, I welcome Nintendo's decision to just let us sort it out ourselves :)

Gemmol2483d ago

I get it you do not want to pay for a external hard drive but it is the better option. Did you forget in the last generation how much it cost for 360 owners to buy extra memory for their xbox, well lets assume you did not forget......The link on the bottom is the hard drive I use with my Wii U, works perfect, no slow down, no framerate issue for any of my games and I get to do everything that you doing with your ps4, which is have everything digital, if anyone tell you their hard drive is a hassle with the Wii U they are lying, everyone who use the hard drive I put on the bottom have not return their hard drive or have any hard drive failure, so think about it, I got mines for 50 dollars

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Speak_da_Truth2483d ago

My two consoles this gen are Ps4(Primary) and Wii U just may be the xb1 its a big maybe though.

WeAreLegion2483d ago

Same here. Rocking the PS4/Wii U/PC combo this gen. (Vita, as well.) I'll be getting a 3DS for Super Smash though. And maybe the XBO at some point for Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break.

choujij2483d ago

I'm already doing the same, except I'll be waiting for the PC port of QB instead of buying the Xbo.

WeAreLegion2483d ago

Haha. I'm sort of hoping for that, too. I really only want QB and SO. So, I don't want to spend $400 to play them.

ShowGun9012483d ago

PS4/WiiU/PC for me too!



(wanna play Mario Kart SOOOoooOOooooOOOO bad!!!)