Koei Tecmo Ponder If They Should Have Included Female Link In Hyrule Warriors

"It’s already been two weeks since the release of Hyrule Warriors in Japan, and in addition to promptly fixing bugs and adding small updates, it looks like Koei Tecmo are staying close to the fan base on Twitter."

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DryBoneKoopa852493d ago

She could be links sister? It could fall in an alternate time line maybe. Nintendo could add her in a future game. Link could try to stop Gannon from stealing her away much like how the story in Wind Waker was. Gannon could have bigger plans by trying to corrupt her and getting her to fight against Link.

Just spit balling ideas lol. I would be down for having a playable female hero of time. I just wan't Nintendo to not just throw her in with out giving her some sort of cannon history.

If Nintendo wanted to take the easy way out they could just let you pick a male or female version of Link. Something like how Mass Effect does it.

lilbroRx2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Yep, cater to the lowest common denominator. Lets neuter everything and remove plot depth to make gender a non-issue. That always bodes well for an established series in the long run. /sarcasm

The Legend of Zelda isn't Mass Effect, and it shouldn't be. I can only imagine how long it would extend devleopment time and how much the lore would have to be completely obliterated to make Link and optional male or female without the plot as a whole suffering.

If people want to play a female so bad, then why don't they play one of the dozens of games that allow you to choose? Why pervert an established and series and character?

2pacalypsenow2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )


ZoidsRaven2492d ago

I would only want that if it was Link's sister (like in WW, but more grown).
I don't agree that they should just change an established character's gender for whatever small/pointless reasons they can come up with.

wonderfulmonkeyman2492d ago

Link's gender should never be changed.
A daughter or sister of Link or Zelda to play as would be perfectly acceptable, but not a ret-conned Link.

randomass1712492d ago

Can't they try both in separate games?

wonderfulmonkeyman2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Not in a canon Zelda title, at the very least.
If they want to try a non-canon Zelda and they make it absolutely clear that it's not a part of the main franchise and doesn't have a place in the timeline, then sure.

But keep that unnecessary kind of character ret-conning out of the main series.

You've got to keep in mind, though, that it would upset more fans than it would please by mere virtue of existing, because its disrespectful of the character and the backstory attached to why each one of his reincarnations is male.
It would quite literally be a bad move to try and change Link into a woman when there are options other than ret-conning Link that would do just as much to please fans who want a female to play as in a Zelda game.

There's no logical point to making Link a woman and upsetting fans with that, when they could do something like give Zelda a daughter that you play as, and have some sort of romantic entanglement between her and the latest reincarnation of Link.[with maybe a little Zelda jealousy on the side, but either or is fine.XD]

randomass1712492d ago

I guess it's because I'm pretty new to Zelda, but I'm not opposed to the idea since according to Hyrule Historia the Links are not the same. I feel like if one happened to be born female it would not be too farfetched. Would even just an option be too much or is Link's gender that far integrated into his legacy? I suppose that is up to the long time fans and Nintendo to decide. In my humble opinion though I'd be A-OK with FemLink as well as a playable daughter or sister or a playable Zelda or Shiek as others have suggested. I'm pretty much open to anything lol.

wonderfulmonkeyman2492d ago

The entire back-story of Link's reincarnations revolves around the Goddess Hylia, when she took human form long ago.
At that time, the original Link, the very VERY first one that didn't even have the spirit of the hero within him, died protecting Hylia, and in recognizing his strength and the fact that evil was likely to return at a time when he was no longer around, she placed a spell on him that bound his spirit to reincarnate eternally, so long as evil threatened the world, right alongside Hylia herself, who's power reincarnates through the latest Princess of Hyrule in each generation.
His spirit has been reborn as a male, as a hero, each and every single time because that's what the very first Link was, and that's what decided what his spirit would reincarnate as.
The Spirit of the Hero.
Not the Heroine.

So yeah, his gender is deeply tied to his back-story; changing it would be like turning Samus into a Namekian just because DBZ fans wanted to see it; unnecessary and very much an insult to the origins of the character.

TongkatAli2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I heard when it comes to reincarnation, you can become a different gender so, it wouldn't be too farfetched, but wow at these reactions, Anita and her eyebrows would jump all over this for a video to get her some coins.

Link for a girl, idk the name would have to change to Linka or Linky and Zelda isn't a good male name, but I did go to school with a guy named Ashely.

randomass1712492d ago

That certainly does make a lot of sense. Thanks a lot for that explanation wonderfulmonkeyman. Have a bubble! :)

wonderfulmonkeyman2492d ago

I should be the one thanking you for hearing me out.
A lot of people take one look at my "novels" and dismiss them, when I try to make a point.XD

Chrischi19882492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I really dont get this Link should be a female talk... Yesterday I made a comment about it, which lost me my third bubble, just because I said something about a certain type of people and I got an OFFENDED for it, even though I didnt call anyone such a thing, just a certain type and the ones who were offended, mustve thought, that they are what I called, or else they wouldve not get offended by that.

I am sick and tired of this, what benefit would we have from a female Link? Make a new female character, that is OK, but why change the Links gender? It makes no sense and just to quite up some feminist is not a valid reason to make such a big change. You want female protagonists, go play Metroid or Tomb Raider, it is not like they dont exists. What has this to do with being open minded? Nothing, as the idea itself makes no sense, it would just be to quite down some feminists and not because it would give any major benefit for the series. It would most likely turn a lot more off.

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ZeekQuattro2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

The game isn't canon so why not? Its a spin off and Nintendo told Tecmo Koei to go crazy with the title. I'd be down for that. I love the LOZ series but a change like that in a side game would not bother me.

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