Halo 2: Anniversary final multiplayer map Lockout before and after remastered screenshots revealed

343 Industries have confirmed a final multiplayer map entry to Halo 2: Anniversary Edition, i.e. a classic Lockout. Enjoy Lockout's before and after remastered beautiful screenshots.

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Askanison42332d ago

Has this whole article been lifted wholesale from Gamespot?

RjK311jR2331d ago

It says source gamespot at bottom of the article

Dizzydrifter12332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Looks way better on Xbox One than ps4.....

GutZ312332d ago



gootimes2332d ago

It also looks better on X1 than the wiiu.

Obz2332d ago

Meh. PC version looks better.

Dizzydrifter12332d ago

until it crashes restart ,crash,restart.

Lawboy22332d ago

I swore there were six remastered maps...this can't be final map


Shouldn't there be one more coming

KarmaV122332d ago

Thats what I was thinking when I saw the headline. They said 6 maps, only have showed 5.

Meatyboy2332d ago

Yes one more, I hope it's either ivory tower, headlong or terinal.

BEASELY2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

I would've rather had them take their time in the first place to remaster every map. It will be weird going back and forth.

IQUITN4G2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

Wouldn't that last map be Midship?. I'm sure I saw this already a few weeks back during gamecom

Meatyboy2331d ago

The footage of midship was the sneak peak of the halo 5 beta :) still could be though. Awesome map, especially 4v4 CTF

IQUITN4G2331d ago

Oh I see thanks, and yes great map

Benchm4rk2331d ago

Still one more map to be announced. I want it to be Ivory Tower but no doubt it will be Midship. I wonder if they will remaster anymore and release them as dlc later on. I hope they doo

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