Crytek Faced Xbox One ESRAM Issues, Console Hardware Considerably Less Powerful Than High-End PCs

During this year’s SIGGRAPH, Crytek’s Nicolas Schulz and Theodor Maderfinally admitted how more powerful high-end PCs were compared to both current-gen consoles at launch.

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kingdip902482d ago

Seems they are distancing themselves from Microsoft a little. That's not a positive sign for xbox one.

SoapShoes2482d ago

It's a good thing, you don't want them to die because they're in bed with MS.

kingdip902482d ago

Oh I have no doubts that this is great for crytek.

die_fiend2482d ago

What's great for Crytek is they're now obsolete. Only free-to-play games? Even when you were making 'AAA' games at £50 a pop, they were awful

Sayai jin2482d ago

Die? Really? What do you mean and why would the die?

WalterWJR2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

They went bust sayia and got bailed out recently. Rise was probably a big factor in this, the game must have cost a bomb to make.

Baka-akaB2482d ago


Apparently you've got disagrees that need to take an hard and cold look on that recently announced mediocre looking dota concurrent for Riot games , valve and blizzard

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gamer78042482d ago

it must be a miracle then, because of the multitudes of tech companies that are partnered with microsoft all over the world haven't immediately died due to working with them. /s

G20WLY2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

I'm sure I remember them saying they had no problems developing on Xbox One... it was right about the time they were hyping Ryse... :/

Did they lie? Were they forced to? /confused...

Sayai jin2482d ago

@ Walter- got ya. Understand. I just saw the poster say die and in bed with MS. I see people use these phrases with in bed with; when in fact it is just business.

Its a shame too because Ryse was a good game. At least I enjoyed it, but did not have a lot of replay value.

XB1_PS42482d ago

@dip90 The article doesn't mention anything that would make it seems as if they're distancing themselves. Just noting that BOTH platforms released in a weak state when compared to PC.

u got owned2482d ago

"During this year’s SIGGRAPH, Crytek’s Nicolas Schulz and Theodor Mader finally admitted how much more powerful high-end PCs were compared to both current-gen consoles at launch. Obviously this isn’t surprising at all, but it’s at least good to see developers admitting what we already knew.

As Crytek’s Rendering Engineers revealed, when both Xbox One and PS4 were already dated the moment they came out."

I guess they are talking about all current gens consoles. Also noticed the said "at the moment they came out, I guess PC will always lead the way.

starchild2482d ago


Aweful? Get real. You fanboys are truly absurd. Most of Crytek's games have scored well. Not to mention that the user reviews are generally on the positive side. But yeah let's go on pretending that their games all suck .

BitbyDeath2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

CryTek can still turn things around for themselves if they just release a TimeSplitters game, and by that I do not mean a Timesplitters skin on a Crysis game, I want a real Timesplitters, local co-op, hundreds of weapons and characters and be a real blast to play.

TimeSplitters is their saving grace.


Makes game for Xbox One = Xbox One is the best thing ever and everything else sucks.

Makes game for PC = PC is the best thing ever and everything else sucks.

Yeah, I believe in you Crytek... NOT!

badz1492481d ago

but but but...according to some Pinball game dev, the ESRAM is not a bottleneck! Crytek must be lying! /s

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FlunkinMonkey2482d ago

From Azzanation referring to one of my comments in a previous article.

"What you need to understand is fanboys and mainly kids believe that ESram is a bottleneck when in fact ESram can achieve alot and is a great benefit. Crytek who made one of the best looking next gen games in Ryse which won multiple visual awards, came out and said they had no issues."


SCW19822482d ago

I saw that comment in the other article and I just had to walk away. No issues whatsoever it wasn't 900p and it didn't have horrible framerate drops whatsoever. Nope no bottlenecks with esram.

Return_of_the_Mack2482d ago

you mean aside from the dinky amount of it.

Baka-akaB2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

wrong rply nvm

Godmars2902482d ago

Thye can only do more damage to themselves.

Magicite2482d ago

they are just stating facts.

tehpees32482d ago

Poor sales of Ryse and Crytek suddenly hate Microsoft. I wonder what they will say if Ryse 2 fails to pick up a publisher due to poor sales of the original. They won't be so mad at Microsoft then will they?

system222482d ago

i don't know where you got hate from. they are just saying that theres more power to do more on pc's. they mentioned the ps4 in there as well and Ryse was obviously an x1 exclusive. it is possible to not hate something and still speak about it objectively. the internet thinks theres some rule that if you say something less than glowing about something then they hate it or its the worst at everything. there are plenty of shades in between and besides - this article was all about tech and when it comes to tech, yes the ps4 and x1 are outdated by pc standards

UltraNova2481d ago

Crytek's financial problems have started before or at the same time Ryse was being developed. Crytek is solely responsible for agreeing to make this exclusive on one console which incidentally ended up being hated more than Rabies and to top it all off it didn't even sell that good.

So its not the poor sales that are to blame but their greed for an easy paycheck.

MeliMel2482d ago

How did you come up with that after reading the article?

Both consoles were dated soon as they came out.... i didnt come away feeling as tho they were distancing themselves from MS as you say.

Tho i could be wrong in my assessment as a 54 others have already agreed with you.

system222482d ago

sounds like they aren't distancing themselves from x1 so much as jus saying that consoles are weak:

As Crytek’s Rendering Engineers revealed, when both Xbox One and PS4 were already dated the moment they came out.

“Console hardware was considerably less powerful than high-end PCs at launch” reads Crytek’s SIGGRAPH 2014 presentation.

kingdip902482d ago

What leads me to believe that they are distancing themselves from Microsoft is the part where they talk about having trouble with the esram.

Before they were touting the console as easy to develop for and it's ease of use now they are being more honest.

It indicates somewhat of a split.

CJDUNCAN2482d ago

The headline is entirely misleading. It's making it seem like Crytek is singling out the X1 as the only inferior console when they are saying both current gen consoles are weak. This is something a reasonable person will honestly admit. PCs will always be the leader when it comes to tech.

Bobby Kotex2482d ago

Are there really people ignorant enough to think that an Xbox One is like a powerful PC?

Hardcore_gamerxbox2482d ago

Did u actually read it they saying both console are weaker than high end pc nothing negative about Xbox one only

kingdip902482d ago

Yes I did, I also read the part where they called esram a challenge to them that caused them to sacrifice graphical parts of the game.

Something they would never admit while they were super chummy with microsoft, it appears now is a different story

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Chrischi19882482d ago

But who didnt know, that the Xbox1 aint stronger than a PC?

Muzikguy2482d ago

The same company that was praising Ryse and all things Ryse is now going back on what they said?! Can't say I'm surprised. Companies are lying a lot lately just to see what they can get away with

CJDUNCAN2481d ago

You'll never bad mouth your own product, it would hinder sales. When the game is all but dead then feel free to tell the truth about it. Just ask EA with their last iterations of NBA Live.

These companies are getting sloppy but most of the blame can be placed at Sony and MS' feet. They released the consoles too early. There's a severe lack of quality engaging titles.

Evilsnuggle2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

[email protected]

Why are pc fanboys so thirsty and so insecure. Why don't pc fanboys understand that pc and console are completely different hardware . Pc is open architecture. Gaming pc's are small niche market . Console closed system mainstream mass market. Pc gaming and consoles are not in direct competition with each other. No Nintendo , Sony and Microsoft are in direct competition . Do pc fanboys not understand that . Does Sony ever mention PC gaming no . Does Phil Spencer every mention pc gaming no . Sony are in Direct competition for customers with Microsoft and Nintendo not pc.

Only a idiot would tell you a PS4 is more powerful than a 2,000-5000 high end PC. But you can't get a pc at a $400 price point proven to match the PS4 preformance proven by .

If you buy a new Mustang GT . It's a great car it's fast and has great preformance. But if you buy a corvette a car that cost twice as much . You are going to get a faster car and better preformance. A Mustang is in competition with Camaros and Chargers not corvette.

Sony doesn't have magic dust that make hardware cheaper . High performance GPU are not cheap . Sony is trying to make a balanced product good preformance at a mainstream price. I wish Sony and Microsoft went with more powerful GPU 2-3 teraflops . I would gladly pay 500 or 600 for every game in 1080P 60fps . But I understand why Sony went for a balance approach to hardware. Sony went for cutting edge technology with PS3 and lost it shirt .

solar2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

"As Crytek’s Rendering Engineers revealed, when both Xbox One and PS4 were already dated the moment they came out.

“Console hardware was considerably less powerful than high-end PCs at launch” reads Crytek’s SIGGRAPH 2014 presentation."

@ Evilsnuggle

your lover boy Mark Cerny said the PS4 is a "Supercharged PC". which it is not, and never will be. if you listen to what Sony or MS sell you without knowledge of what the hardware is, you are an il-informed buyer. that is what Sony and MS expect you to be. and what you are.

you and many others are sold a bill of goods. a .5 upgrade from what the PS3 and 360 are. only to line their pockets because of your stupidity of believing them. Apple and Samsung do the same with their cell phones. you believe this great innovation is coming only to be left standing with your pants around your ankles.

educate yourself. that is the only way you are not going to be laughed at for buying into a fallacy. and yes, we all laugh at you.

JsonHenry2482d ago

Seems like they're going back to PC only games to me.

HeWhoWalks2482d ago

For Crysis, that'd be GREAT! Problem is, with the recent mumblings of a financial crisis, pun intended, I doubt they'd go full PC only now.

come_bom2482d ago

"Crytek Faced Xbox One ESRAM Issues, Console Hardware Considerably Less Powerful Than High-End PCs"

What's surprising about this? BOTH the PS4 and X1 are considerably less powerful than high-end PCs.

marcofdeath2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Well this is right they said this at the time.
"Target hardware less powerful than high-end PCs at launch"
Page 13

KEY words "AT LAUNCH".........

XB1 getting better over time, as i have said in the past...

PS4 is = to a HD7970 that's good power.

kingdip902482d ago

You understand that pc will benefit from direct x12 also right? And at a greater degree than xbox one? You also understand that hardware cannot magically improve also right?

What they likely meant was that at launch xbox one and ps4 were weaker than the pc's out then at that time and the gap is only widening.

At launch xbox one was weaker than high end pc's, I don't know why you allow your wishful thinking to cloud your judgment over the statement.

marcofdeath2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

"You also understand that hardware cannot magically improve also right?"
Xb1 Developers are not writing to the metal. This is big, that's a lot of power left unused. They are on PS4. Every thing that has been running on XB1 from 3RD party developers are just using 1.3TF no 2x closed box performance.
They are not using ESRAM to DDR3 back flow yet.
No one can tell me why they need a 5.1tf GPU to get FM5 running 1080p @60FPS. (i know why).
2. PC's will all ways be more powerful. It's based on you going back to by new Hardware.
3. PS4 is $400 = to a HD7970 not bad for 6 years of gaming.
4. It's not about beating a PC it's about not looking aged next to a pc.
5. XB1 and PS4 has been getting better over time.
6. People, developers don't run the show. Sony and MS run the show. Developers did not tell MS that it was ok to use 10% more GPU, MS told the developers it was ok and here is some software to do it...... In the 360 days not one developer know that there was a up scale chip in 360 until
MS said it was!!!

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2481d ago
ziggurcat2481d ago


enough, already. you being wrong (and being banned for spreading misinformation) everywhere else doesn't magically make you right here.

"No one can tell me why they need a 5.1tf GPU to get FM5 running 1080p @60FPS. (i know why)."

no, you don't know why because your misterx "insider" information is incorrect. they don't need a titan black GPU to run forza 5 nor does the xbone have that kind of GPU inside.

and it was a DX12 demonstration for *PC*. if you think it was an xbone demo or in any way alludes to a titan black GPU hidden inside the xbone, you're sadly mistaken.

plus, they've already performed benchmark tests of the console GPUs.

marcofdeath2481d ago Show
mixolydian_id2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

^^^ @ Marcofdeath

I follow MisterX blog and still think for myself.

A lot of the discussions come across very hypothetical and both consoles offer sizeable specifications (Enough for video games, video games aren't the most demanding platform out there)

The XB1 will indeed keep getting better. Multiplat developers aren't giving the device enough time because they still have a lot to learn on the backend of each system. Everything in this industry is pushed by deadlines.

It's true, Sony themselves have stated within their own tech instructions that the peak memory bandwidth is 140GB/s... providing there is no such CPU access at all. Bandwidth drops in relation to CPU utilisation.

But what's to say the XB1 isn't in the same boat? With so many pipelines available on the XB1... just what happens when one particular pathway is stuck waiting for a returning message... does the whole system lock up?

I like to presume that the first games within the cycle were already in development prior to the new console dev kits being released. The backbone of every game was already prepared before they even had a console to work with... they won't spend all that time going back to the basics, liasing with the design engineers and re-streamlining their products from the ground up... because of the deadlines they have to adhere to.

The guys developing the games are learning more and more about the platforms each day they spend working with it.

I agree, the devices are more then sufficient to deliver excellent quality games. I do feel like the developers are faced with a potential renaissance in game development.

Either hop on board, learn to master coding for the new devices... delay everything... cost millions across the board.... or apply everything you know and release a poorly optimised game just in the nick of time. It's common sense that with such sparsity of games on the whole... now is the best time to be releasing a game.. the hype is there and everyone else is pushing for next year.

Example... Bungie and Destiny - Fully Multiplat... huge exposure
Advanced warfare - Pretty much standard cod... ghosts has run it's course and they will help push people to the next gen.
MCC/TLOU - Classics helping people remember the best bits of the previous generation.. lure tactics.

Great things are coming our way... just not for a couple more years mid cycle... as to be expected...

XB1 isnt as "underpowered" as people might think. The device will shine as we get further and further into the life cycle.

PS4 is very overrated but still a great platform to own

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DanielGearSolid2482d ago

Whats weird is, when they were developing Ryse they kept claiming 900p was a choice and they were having no problems with the XB1

Now this

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DollMytee2481d ago

Wow, talk about making a false connection. Crytek were never a MS company in the first place dude.

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dirigiblebill2482d ago

"Console Hardware Considerably Less Powerful Than High-End PCs"

Grass confirmed green. Sky rumoured to be blue?

n4rc2482d ago

Haha.. Thanks for the laugh

falviousuk2482d ago

Blue sky, what are you on about. The sky is grey, always is always has been.

for full disclosure I live in Scotland

Cernunnos2482d ago

Actually, the sky is purple, but our eyes are more sensitive to the blue spectrum, so we see it as blue.

dmeador2482d ago

The "color" of anything is whatever our human eyes perceive it as. So yes, the sky is blue.

swice2482d ago

Well, it's brown where I live

Cernunnos2480d ago

@dmeador, it actually isn't that simple. You can measure the color spectrum of light, and find out what color something is. What our eyes percieve shifts as we get further away from things. Things in the far distance tend to be more blueish than when you get up close to them.

Corpser2482d ago

It's obvious to many but some people here do think the new consoles are like high end PCs lol

solar2482d ago

both consoles, not just the Xbox One.

mixolydian_id2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

I dont think people realise that high-end computers aren't for gaming. They're workstations.

Video games aren't that demanding.

You need a farm of high-end computers to render scenes from a pixar movie (quickly)

(Ran out of bubbles edit)

All this talk of them using low powered APU in the consoles is laughable.
Don't forget that if you were to use them in a tablet or phone, the battery would run dry in minutes.

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Hellsvacancy2482d ago

"Crytek’s engineers claimed that Crysis 3 at Ultra settings is already an impressive looking game, and that adding just more (effects, higher resolution, etc.) is not an option on weaker hardware, which basically explains why Ryse was running at 1080p with 30fps on Xbox One"

I thought Ryse was 900p

john22482d ago

Typo, the Xbox One version is indeed running at 900p

Fishy Fingers2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Would of rather had more than a single sentence quoted.

Edit: More, less generalised info in the source slides if anyone's interested http://advances.realtimeren...

Volkama2482d ago

Now that's more interesting. Thanks for the link.

Rob_Ko2482d ago

guys have no sklills, only solution for them is throw more power.

AKS2482d ago

I think they need to hire a really good writer and director. They've got a lot of technical talent, but they could some improvement in other areas.

Similarly, Ninja Theory has some really great artists but not the best tech or game design.