Alone in the Dark: minimum versus maximum detail

It seems that the programmers of Alone in the Dark have done a good job. Even with minimum graphics detail, the game looks good. PCGHx has some comparison screens.

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LJWooly3782d ago

I thought the maximum graphics detail shots looked so-so, to be honest.

kevnb3782d ago

but after playing mgs4, everything looks pretty so-so with the exception of Crysis.

falviousuk3782d ago

TBH both the minimum and maximum shot look the same. It looks exactly the same like they maybe put the same pic up for both.

Boldy3782d ago

For a game that has this much innovation I think the graphics are very well excusable.

HateBoy3782d ago

Can't see the difference... Looks exactly the same to me!

iNcRiMiNaTi3782d ago

how do u miss the fog/smoke on the right side, the water under the rocks, the tall grass on the field and the guys shadow?

but it does look like a so-so game

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rafaleon3782d ago

Maximum details looks IMO very good, but as kevnb said, after playing MGS4 every game is looking good.

darkstar3782d ago

It doesn't look to good either way, I'm kind of surprised.

jackel 923782d ago

only the fog in the right hand corner changed

Sano643782d ago

The maximum seting looks bad! Please tell me these screens were grabbed from a cheap laptop... very sad...