PS4 and Xbox One are Luring UK Developers Away from PC and Mobile

Many developers are being lured away from PC and Mobile platforms in favor of the PS4 and Xbox One according to the 2014 Toolbox Report from UK gaming industry group TIGA. While interest in PC and Mobile remain high among the developers surveyed, there were many who planned to drop projects on the platforms. This is in contrast to the high number of developers planning to begin work on games for PS4 and Xbox One.

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Bennibop2493d ago

Thank god! Hate mobile gaming controls always suck!!

British Government are giving lots of financial incentives and tax breaks to help the UK game industry recover.

--bienio--2493d ago

Bla bla bla They sad same about Pc is die and what happen?? Another stupid story...

Konman722493d ago

Oh, PC is definitely not dying. It just looks like the new consoles are actually being effective at drawing some devs away. Mostly indies at this point. All it would take to bring them back would be some Steam adjustments.

PC gaming can't ever die really, and is stronger now than it has been in a long time. The article just says that some devs are moving away for a little while.

stragomccloud2493d ago

Consoles aren't taking away indies. More indies are just also developing for console, that's all. It doesn't mean PC is losing anything.

Corpser2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Article actually says it's because there's less competition on the new consoles lol

Slacker2493d ago

Yeah PC will never die as long as there are Steam sales and Humble bundles. I have at least 30 games I haven't touched yet.

qwerty6762493d ago

they were saying same thing about pc before WOW came out.

that game pretty revitalized the pc gaming industry.

S2Killinit2493d ago

Hate mobil gaming, so great

SteamPowered2493d ago

As long as I can get an optimized version of a current-gen console game, then I wouldnt care where the devs go. But there really arent too many AAA that are exclusive to PC. Star Citizen and Divinity aside, most of my wishlist consists of console ports.

masterfox2493d ago

from mobile thats awesome, from PC I think thats not good.

We need a gaming combination of PC and consoles to maintain in good health this game industry

kantenkopf2493d ago

You mean something like...dunno...a PC with the form factor of a console? That has a dedicated Gamepad and a UI that can be handled easily via TV and Controller? I heard legends about something glorious called Steam Machine maybe that is the savior of the gaming industry...

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