For I Saw it Rising from the Sea… A Beauty Amongst Pixels

OXCGN: "So, well, I have been veeery slooowly playing The Witcher 2.

This is one of those face-palm anecdotes, bear with me.

So, I LOVE The Witcher, I love everything about this game, despite the really, really (really) corny flirting dialog (*deadpan tone* You’re a naughty girl). Its an excellent game, and I utterly adore the story-telling system on this game more than in any other game, even that of Dragon Age and Mass Effect, which are the usual benchmarks for decisive storytelling.

However, it has been established that I have the hand-eye coordination of a starfish on a bicycle. So, it has taken me some time to get used to the new (ish) controls of The Witcher 2 after having played through (twice) The Witcher 1."

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RocknRolla2492d ago

Love the eager gamer that shows through the writing. Really pleasant to read especially in light of all the other stuff happening within the industry now.