Metal Gear Hotties - Babe(s) of the Week

GameDaily writes: "In tribute to Metal Gear Solid 4 we salute it's hottest ladies."

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Gun_Senshi3779d ago

It doesn't mention any MGS4 Beauties.

Laughing Beauty is the best looking.

Pornlord3779d ago

I like the blond, but I'm a brunette man, so Ragin Raven for me, if we are to pick just the beauties. Now Naomi in this one... Fantastic cleavage. You can even stare at it without being prompted several times while she is talking to you with the L1 button.

beavis4play3779d ago

MGS4s naomi is the hottest video game girl. i usually don't pay attention because, you know, they're not real; but she's amazing.

Pornlord3779d ago

It's hard to ignore her, that's for sure. She's talking to Otacon and says "I know it's easy to forget I'm a woman sometimes Dr. Emmerich"... I laughed out loud. It's hard to forget, they keep zooming in on her.

Alexander Roy3779d ago

What about the BB Corps? Every time you fight one, they give their best to creep you out while making sexy poses, plus, they are wet (no, literally). Now that's a mixture.

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