Microsoft's TGS 2014 lineup

Microsoft's TGS lineup has been finalized. About a dozen titles will be playable at the expo.

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avengers19782482d ago

That's not a very impressive list for the Tokoyo Game Show... They should have some Japanese style games

nicksetzer12482d ago

It's not even a full list, article is misleading. That said MS has already shown it has quite a few western style games coming. It is common practice to only announce known titles prjor to an event.

bouzebbal2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

that's a garbage list of games for japanese market.. when will they learn from their mistakes?? they are doomed just like always with a lineup like this one.

@nicksetzer1: 32 games unnanounced? Xbox aren't holding a press conference this year so when will they announce these 32 games?

LostDjinn2482d ago

Nicksetzer, quick question.
Can you explain this to me?

"It's not even a full list, article is misleading. That said MS has already shown it has quite a few western style games coming. It is common practice to only announce known titles prjor to an event. "

This is a list of games "playable" at the expo. Your argument is without basis. Your link leads to a list of devs working on Xbox (not exclusively).

What the hell provoked that response?

donthate2482d ago


it will announce when MS deems it is ready and not on your whim or demand.

2482d ago
Charybdis2482d ago

Its a list of playable games on the show floor which will be available in japan when x1 launches ...

nicksetzer12482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

@lost "Microsoft's TGS lineup has been finalized."

To which I said I highly doubt they would announce everything prior to the show. Try reading the article next time. Also, I don't where you get the idea I said they were all exclusive, you do realize his list of playable games are not ALL exclusive either right?....

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come_bom2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

With this Microsoft will never win the Japanese market. That's quite a crappie lineup... unless they have some surprises to show.

Magicite2482d ago

so far this gen looks like worst for Japan. I dont know what Ill do if there will be no more decent JRPGS.

700p2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

How can they show japanese style games when they havnt made one yet. Scalebound is still in development. Also it makes sense they show some of their older games exclusives due to them barely launching in japan next month.

2482d ago
Godmars2902482d ago

Anything JP-only supposedly will be shown on the event floor.

Meaning with Nintendo a usual no-show, TGS will be Sony's to lose if they get cocky.

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SoulWarrior2482d ago

Thought MS said they weren't going?

Mikelarry2482d ago

yeah i read that somewhere as well

iamnsuperman2482d ago

That was confirmation of them not doing a conference

Sean1016182482d ago

Never said that. They said they wouldn't have a keynote but would be in attendance

harrisk9542482d ago

Not having a keynote is not a great way to launch the XB1 in Japan. MS needs to build hype and excitement if they want to have any hope in Japan. Just having playable games on the show floor is not going to get them press coverage. Announcing new games that appeal to the Japanese market would get them press coverage.

UltraNova2481d ago


Dont bother man its clear they have officially accepted the fact they will never penetrate Japan (no pun intended).

SoulWarrior2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Thought MS said they weren't going? Or are they just showing off a few games? Woops double post

Tedakin2482d ago

They're just not doing a conference.

Clown_Syndr0me2482d ago

You guys talk about the Japanese like theyre not human.

If you said "They should show games that appeal to black people" you would be called racist.

Gr1mmyshadows2482d ago

as if Japanese people cant have different interest in the games they play

Spotie2482d ago

By and large, the tastes of the Japanese gaming market differ from those here in the West. Therefore, generally speaking, you can't push the same games there as here. Why else do you think the list of games that are top sellers there often have no remote equivalent here?

By the way, your analogy is beyond stupid. Black people, generally, play the same games as everybody else in America. Being black, I think I should know.

Or, just not being ridiculous helps.

xxjabberxx2482d ago

I guess he think Y'all only play madden.

Drekken2482d ago

If the conference was in a country full of black people I am sure they would have said that... Japan has certain tastes and this is indisputable. Take your PC crap somewhere else.

Clown_Syndr0me2482d ago

I am half Japanese, so I think I can speak for myself thankyou.

Death2482d ago


Huge differance between generalizing people based on their region vs on their skin color. If someone referred to Japanese gamers as "yellow" people it would be the same as "black" people which is incredibly racist since you would be under the impression gaming habits are based on the color of your skin.

Saying Japanese gamers taste is different than Western gamers is pretty acurate since gaming habits can differ based on cultural differances. It's not saying Japanese gamers can't like Western games and Western gamers not like Japanese games, it's simply a referance to cultural differances.

Madden is probably less popular in Japan and in the U.S. buying Dream Club 0 would probably get you an ass kicking. Obviously there are exceptions like Pokemon, but you get the point.

Skankinruby2482d ago

However racist it may sound japanese most definitely have their own prejudice taste in games. And if Microsoft wants to make any progress in winning them over they will not be flaunting online shooters at a Japanese conference.

HanzoHattori2481d ago

Japanese tastes in games has nothing to do with prejudice. It has more to do with the fact that western games tend to suck. I could go down the list and get a bunch of disagrees, but I won't. I'll just cite a few GOOD games that have benn met with a decent reception in Japan: Infamous Second Son, The Last Of Us Remastered which debuted at number 2 when it was released in Japan. Only sold 30,000 copies though, but to put things in perspective, the number one game only sold 77,000 copies on the 3DS. The point is that Japanese gamers do play western games. Japanese gamers just don't play western games that suck.

BitbyDeath2482d ago

No, European gamers have different tastes to American gamers. It is not racist just fact.

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incendy352482d ago

At least they should all be playable.

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