Legend of Zelda Wii U: Eiji Aonuma Addresses 'Female Lead Character' Rumours

Nintendo's reveal of a new Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U at E3 earlier this year was one of the show's highlights. Our first glimpse came in a snap of franchise supervisor Eiji Aonuma's fingers, showing us the vast and open plain you can see above.

In that initial reveal (which you can watch at the foot of this article) Aonuma spoke of how the game would go back to the series' roots of player exploration.

The trailer was also the matter of some debate after Aonuma refused to confirm whether the character we see is series hero Link, leading many to speculate it might be a girl.

In an interview with Edge Magazine, Aonuma addressed this speculation, as well as talking about how the game's open world will differ to other open-world games on the market.

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mikeboccher2482d ago

it's not a girl, nor should it be. Link is male

OtakuDome2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Right, lord forbid these developers doing something new./sarcasm

Big_Game_Hunters2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Making him a girl is hardly doing something new. Is mass effect new and different just because you play as fem shep? Better voice acting for shep is all you get, obviously that wouldn't be a thing LOZ.

3-4-52482d ago

Stop trying to take something that already IS something and change it.

CREATE your own game with a new female character instead of trying to hijack every other one.

* Instead of turning men into women, why not just create new women characters.

TekoIie2481d ago

Gender swapping is not new...

zerocrossing2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Why? Because you just don't like the idea? There's no "rule" or "lore" that states Link can't be female.

With more and more women playing video games the "option" for a female Link seems inevitable IMO, and with the recent rise in demand Nintendo have to be at least considering it.

OtakuDome2482d ago

I honestly wouldn't mind a female Link or Zelda being the main character in a Legend of Zelda game. It's pretty baffling that Link & Zelda have only birthed males throughout the Zelda timeline anyways.

mikeboccher2482d ago

why does there have to be a female link? Just because females play games? What's next a female Mario and male prince peach?? it has nothing to do with male and female, some things just are the way they are and isn't about doing something "new"

The social justice stuff goes too far sometimes and people are too afraid to say anything b/c if you're against something then hey, you must be prejudice toward it right? #sigh

Spotie2482d ago

I agree there should be no problem with a female Link, but I don't think it has much at all to do with this mythical rise in the number of female gamers.

zerocrossing2482d ago


I get where you're coming from but there's a big difference between Link and Mario.

Mario has his own personality and drive like most other characters, where as Link was always intended to be a reflection of the person playing the game.

So if a women is playing The Legend Of Zelda it would make sense for her to have the option of playing as a female Link.

I'm not interested in the "social justice" side of it, and I agree it goes way too far sometimes. It's just that a female Link makes so much sense IMO, I'm surprised it's taken Nintendo this long to even talk about it.

JusticeSoulTuna2482d ago

An option for a female link has nothing to do with female gamers. I'm pretty sure both guys and girls would want to play as a female Link, and female gamers don't necessarily need or want to play as a female Link. If the option ever becomes available, then it'd be because Link is meant to be an avatar character that the player projects themselves onto, NOT because more girls play the game. It's patronizing to assume that women will want a playable female option just cause they're women.

zerocrossing2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )


That's taking it too bloody far.

Look, it's not at all "patronizing" to assume women would want to play a female lead, especially when you consider the fact that most videogames today star a male lead due to the many in the industry believing that most males want to play as a male character.

Regardless of a players gender, I personally feel that a female Link is something that Nintendo need to incorporate at some point, be at an option or change for one game.

wonderfulmonkeyman2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Actually, there IS lore reasons.
The Spirit of the HERO (Not HEROINE) is what gets reincarnated into each new Link.
They specifically denote the gender of that character role, thus he stays a hero.

If you want to play as a female in a Zelda game, then it is better to wish for the chance to play as the daughter of Link, who would appear similar but have a different name, or wish to play as Zelda herself.

Asking Nintendo to screw with the established gender of Link when there are more sensible options that do not screw with the core of the series' lore, is nothing short of stupid.
Nintendo should not be messing with Zelda's conventions for the sake of pandering to the people that are throwing tantrums over what they perceive as gender inequality in Zelda.

There is no "need" to mess with Links gender, and it would bee stupid off them to needlessly tick off the majority of the game of the series for something so pointless.
He may be described as an avatar for the player, but he is not just a blank-faced role (each Link does share some similar personality traits), and this isn't an rpg with character customization.

Leave Link alone.

zerocrossing2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )


That proves nothing. First of all, Link has only ever been male so far, so there's no reason for Nintendo to have bothered making reference to the feasibility of a female Link in the Lore.

Also, if they were to make reference, they're hardly likely to say the "Hero's (or potential Heroine's) soul is what gets reincarnated into each new Link. Because like I said above, there has only ever been a male Link so far.

This has nothing to do with "social justice" "pandering" or "equality" The character Link was designed to be an "avatar" a reflection of the person playing the game. That being the case, it only makes sense that Nintendo would provide the option to play as a female Link.

Honestly, I would be making almost the exact same argument if Link were conceived as a female character.

wonderfulmonkeyman2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

No, it's all the proof that is needed.
He was conceptualized as a male, the lore reflects this, and he is not just a blank-faced player avatar to be freely changed; he is a role for the player to assume in the sense that he is a character for the player to see through the eyes of, in order to experience the adventure.

He is NOT a mirror of the player with no personality of his own. This is not Skyrim.

Switching his gender now, when there are better options, such as creating a daughter from him to play as our playing as Zelda instead, that wouldn't severely alter the setting of the character of Link, WOULD be pandering to the whiners, and it would tick off more fans than it would please because IT'S AN UNNECESSARY CHANGE that adds literally nothing of positive game-changing value to the series or the lore.

ChickeyCantor2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

"Why? Because you just don't like the idea? There's no "rule" or "lore" that states Link can't be female. "

Skyward sword establishes that very well actually.

Born of royal blood is blessed with the power of wisdom.

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Chrischi19882482d ago

I dont get it, why does Link suddenly have to be a girl? Why cant he be, like he has been. What is the big deal? Why destroy the whole hero rescues princess setting. The game is still named The Legend of Zelda.

And I am really getting sick and tired. Nintendo always tries something new, but why change something like this? It would harm the story and would give absolutely no benefit. What is the gain? Will the game change? No. Will fans be more happpy? Obviously no. Some feminist quiet down, yes. Do they have to change the main plot completely just for that, yes. What is the benefit? There is non. Why do you guys try to harm one of the best games, this way?

OtakuDome2482d ago

But the thing is Link doesn't have to rescue the Princess every time. Hell female Link could rescue a male character, or they could go the Majora's Mask route and ignore that concept completely.

pcz2482d ago

i wouldnt mind if link was female, in fact it would be a welcome change

but in the meantime of waiting for the new game, listen to my new remix of the music from dragon roost island :)

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nugget272482d ago

I think if anything there will be an option to play as a male or female Link

Summons752482d ago

What female rumors? He said he was joking hours after he said that.

Lon3wolf2482d ago

Thought this was done and dusted soon after the comment was made?

IMO it matters not the gender of the char in any game, maybe it would be good to have a change in a Zelda game but really not fussed either way.

pyrocloud72482d ago

I'm all for the option to have a female Link, as long as I can still choose to be male Link.

lilbroRx2482d ago

And all it will take is for the plot and some content to be mitigated to keep gender form causing an issue. Which is why I'm not for this.

Link is a reincarnating hero. This has been established by the timeline. He is the same male being reborn over and over again in times of trouble. Some plot devices and mechanics will simply not be the same or applicable at all if links gender is made irrelevant.

I would rather a new female character be made than have an established character be twisted or distorted in an opposite gender for contrary idealisms that "sound progressive" but aren't.

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