New Resistance 2 Information

"Nathan Hale has 19 hours left to live and the United States is under attack"; Insomniac Union have written a summary of all the new Resistance 2 information we got from the world premiere game footage.

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pharmd3782d ago

I cant wait for this game, ive been stoked for a sequel since the first one on launch day.... MGS4 is gonna have to hold me over til november i guess =D

Condoleezza Rice3782d ago

It looks like Insomniac are going to deliver another AAA title!

Btw don't forget,you've got LBP in between now and Resistance 2,you should definitely consider checking it out!

Doppy3782d ago

Does that mean 19 hours for the single player campaign.

Cartesian3D3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

double post? my bad :P

crazy250003782d ago

These battles will be amazing with surround sound and on a big screen =). I'm inviting all my friends over for this.

steck673782d ago

I know, thats going to be so awesome!

Daver3782d ago

No vehicules in MP... Nice i prefer it that way

BubblesDAVERAGE3782d ago

there are vehicles in real life why not in games..of course make maps with them on and off

mintaro3782d ago

would be good if they at least gave the option though

BlackIceJoe3782d ago

I am a little saddened to hear no vehicles in Multi-player. With 60 players I would have thought that having vehicles would have been ok. But if Insomniac thinks they do not need to be in the game that is ok.
Also may be not every one wants them but having the option would have been nice though. But may be next time around

Baka-akaB3782d ago

there are enough fps including vehicules already . Some of us dont like that trend and prefer to really play a fps , so its good to have various types of those .

You want vehicules ? battlefield , haze , halo , cod5 soon , quake wars etc.... hell you got a better chance counting those without vehicules on your fingers now .

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