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It’s hard to argue with what you get for $1.99. While it’s overall simplicity is entirely based around its mobile app approach, it can appeal to kids looking for a short-term entertainment fix. It contains absolutely nothing a self-proclaimed “gamer” is looking for in terms of just about any category, but instead serves itself up as a solid “break” game. If you want to take a quick break, this is the game to amuse you for 5 minutes. If you have kids and they need a quick little app to keep them busy and you don’t want to break the bank on Mario Kart 8 because you have to decide between meals and videogames, Dahku has provided with Soon Shine. The issue is that it, by nature, is the type of game that you don’t settle down at home for. It’s designed to be played on-the-go, and in short bursts. It feels rather out of place as a home console indie game, and is further hampered in its in-house usability given the short range of the Gamepad.

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