Polygon and Kotaku journalists highlight issues with conflict of interest in gaming

MWEB GameZone writes: "The recent outrage from gamers over Patricia Hernandez and Ben Kuchera highlights some of the underlying problems video game websites and journalists face.

The lines are not always clear on what's ethical and what's not - Kuchera 's article on Quinn is hardly a case of him pushing for her game's success. The one thing we, as the media, can take from all this, is that we need to raise the ethical bar in our writing."

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WilliamUsher2482d ago

Oh here we go... now we can start bringing out the lawn chairs and start prepping to get the popcorn ready.

More please... more...

FriedGoat2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

It's not just about positive exposure. What kotaku and these other idiots don't understand, is that even just giving them exposure is wrong. Even just mentioning them in an article is wrong. If you know the person, have lived with them, you are going to be giving them more exposure than those who you haven't met. This is not an even playing field for other indie developers.

I think it's utter bullcrap and these people have less journalism skills than the daily mail.

plut0nash2482d ago

Neutrality is a very tough topic, and since everyone knows each other in the media it makes things hard to not have conflict of interest. This is more true when friends or more are involved. Money is the major issue for me in this regard, if there is money earned then neutrality can come into question.

Bennibop2482d ago

Some of the reviews especially on Polygon has been biased. They seem to be extremely critical of some games and give ridiculous scores without justification TLOU and ISS are prime examples.

BABY-JEDI2482d ago

Don't forget KZ Shadowfall. They seem to cherry pick (so called) journalists who don't like the game types or franchises.

HanCilliers2482d ago

Must admit, I've not noticed this bias you speak of. Can you name them, i would love to take a closer look at it.

iamnsuperman2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Polygon's the last of review got big backlash http://www.gamerevolution.c... and their Killzone review was wrttien by some one who publicly dislikes the series Some thing that should never have happened. In fact he shouldn't be talking about other platforms as he has been caught out before Polygon needs to step it game up anyway

But they are really the only big name site that has those examples (so I am not really sure what Bennibop is saying). Ign is fairly generous across the board (as they have Playstation, Nintendo and Xbox teams within the site though on a few occasions they have overlapped with Scott Lowe which I don't understand) while Kotaku seems to recommend pretty much an big exclusive game (regardless of platform) and write positive and negative prices for all (though their own credibility is in question at the moment). Edge is heavily critical of everything while Eurogamer is all over the place

Bennibop2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

I am saying Polygons reviews are biased in particular towards Sony 1st party studios ie giving poor reviews for games. Something which you obviously agree with as you provided the links. lol

plut0nash2482d ago

Were they not accused for being Xbox fanboys after TLOU received a crap review? Have they become PS4 fanboys now?

Bennibop2482d ago

That is what I said they give bad scores to PS exclusives!

King_of_Nothing2482d ago

Polygon and Kotaku talking about conflict of interest in gaming...oh boy thats rich.

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