First look at Yakuza O Screenshots

Famitsu has gone live with its first online preview of Yakuza 0.

The newly announced PlayStation 4 and PS3 game is set in 1988, before the events of the first game, and tells the origin stories of Kazuma Kiryu and Majima Goro.

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hkgamer2492d ago

Looks amazing.

How many years before Yakuza 1 intro is this suppose to be?

WildArmed2492d ago

Yak 1 ends in 2005, so I assume almost 2 decades. (considering he spends a decade in jail, not surprising).

I really love Yak series, I hope it makes it over to US. Unlike the previous Yakuza :(

Sega just doesnt' want my money anymore, no more Valkriya Chronicles (why u no continue on PS3) and no more Yakuza localizations

caseh2492d ago

It's 7 years before Yakuza 1, Kiryu is 20 I think.

How epic would it be if they done a little cross over with Shenmue :D I think Shenmue 2 was around 1987, would be awesome to see Ryo Hazuki appear back in Japan in '88 in this game, maybe in the fighting arena? :)

hkgamer2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

i am surprised that there isnt a digital version available.

also surprised that sony europe and america does not have some kind of japanese import store.

i know i can just go to play asia and order the game, could also avoid import tax. but having an option to purchase japanese digital games with additional fees on your own psn account would be great.


seeing someone asking around for sailors would be a little funny, but im not sure if shenmue was actually in tokyo. could be wrong though.

bouzebbal2492d ago

looks good as always, no huge graphical jump

hkgamer2491d ago

agreed. i think its mainly due to it being crossgen. however, yakuza games have been pretty decent standard. character faces have always been great, everything else average.

bouzebbal2491d ago

yes and i never understood why SEGA keep releasing a Yakuza every year and they don't wanna develop shenmue. they can just reuse the same faces technology i think they're pretty well made

Inception2492d ago

- Yakuza 0
- Yakuza HD collection
- Yakuza 5
- Yakuza Kenzan
- Yakuza Ishin
- Yakuza Black Panther 1 & 2

Welp, i'm losing my hope that sega will localize all of them. Maybe it's time to learn some japanese and just import the game from playasia.

WildArmed2491d ago

Wait.. there was a yak HD collection? MY LAWDDD

Why is Sega doing this to us?

Inception2491d ago

Yup, it released on november 1st 2012. Sega even bother to port it to WiiU.

"Why is Sega doing this to us?"

Because someone hijacked Sega and turning it as a company who hates money and their fans >.<

hkgamer2491d ago

i think sega needs to outsource there games to translation companies. or probably have a translation team ready when developing.

im sure releasing a digital only game would not cost too much.

i mean kenzan, ishin and black panther i understand we will never get, but others just need their text changed. how hard is that >.<

WildArmed2490d ago

Yeah, I'm sure they'd make up the costs of translation and such pretty easily if just released digital only and did no VO. Sega hates my money :(

Inception2490d ago

That's why i confused why Sega didn't use Atlus USA to localize Yakuza series. Atlus USA had a great history of localizing japanese games, especially games with lots of text / dialogues. There also company like Xseed, NISA, and Aksys that Sega can choose to localize Yakuza.

Also, a limited release of retail edition doesn't hurt them either. Considering there's company like NISA, Aksys, Xseed, and even Namco did it with some of their titles.

But like SE & Capcom, this just show that Sega need to change their management ASAP if they don't want to lose more of their fans :(

starchild2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Sigh...just another Yakuza game that I won't fully get to enjoy due to no English language localization. These are great games, why the hell won't Sega localize them?

WildArmed2491d ago

They donn't even need to do VO, just make menus english and put in subs! we'll buy it!

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