EA Access Members 10% Discount Applies to Xbox sales of EA Games

The 10 percent EA Access discount on EA digital purchases through the Xbox Games Store can be applied to games already marked down or on sale, an EA representative confirmed with IGN.

For instance, EA Access members can apply the 10 percent discount to Criterion Games’ open-world racing game Need for Speed: Rivals which is currently on sale for $25 on Xbox Live for Xbox One. EA digital download purchases covers full games, downloadable content and in-game currency.

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nicksetzer12484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

wasn't this obvious? I bought titanfall for 22.50 when it was on sale for 25$ last week (maybe the week before) Now I am just waiting for PVZ to come to the vault and I'm set.

EDIT: two weeks ago, it would seem

4Sh0w2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Very nice, we should appreciate when companies get together to offer gamers a good deal.

EZMickey2484d ago

I wouldn't say it was obvious even if it was apparent to you. If there's ever a clause to discounts it's that it doesn't apply to something that's already on sale and I would've assumed as such so I'm glad they confirmed it.

NeoGamer2322483d ago

You are correct. As of three weeks ago this was simply untrue.

I went to buy UFC when it was on sale and at the time EA Access' 10% discount did not stack onto the sale.

I contacted XB support and they verified the sale did not stack with EA Access and they offered a refund for my EA Access. I opted for the refund...

I may rejoin now that the sales stack.

mhunterjr2484d ago

Yup, I'm counting on PvZ hitting the vault soon. It's such a great service... I was able to sell a couple EA games to cover the cost of the service, and still get to play them!

donthate2483d ago

The report (or should we say rumor) I read was that it didn't stack.

Glad to see my EAA membership is of even greater value to me now!!! :D

I am happy MS made the decision to allow EAA on their platform!

xer02483d ago

EA only confirmed the discount as a middle finger to Sony, for turning them down.

I doubt this sort of 'charitable' activity will last, as we all know that they are very good at squeezing money out of us.

Simple bait and switch tactics folks ;-)

Volkama2483d ago

I assumed titanfall wasn't included as I get no discount on the dlc. Do you get that in the season pass and/or map packs?

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Bonkerz2484d ago

Damn good service by EA, i must say i am a bit surprised. As an X1 owner i give them my 30$ for all this with absolutely no problem at all. If PVZ doesnt go in the vault soon i will just end up buying it 10% off not bad!

n4rc2484d ago

I'm actually think rivals will be the next game added to the vault.. Pvz would be nice tho

nicksetzer12484d ago

I would be excited for NFS to the vault, (I agree it is almost positively next) but I already know with Horizon 2 coming, I would not be playing it anytime soon.

n4rc2484d ago

Ya.. Plan on getting h2 as well.. Always enjoy NFS games, but not always enough to buy them lol..

Give me underground 3 and they can take my $60 now tho haha

gamerfan09092484d ago

I'm just waiting for someone to grasp at straws about how this is a bad deal for gamers. All EA Access has done from its inception is offer greats deals on EA games, 4 free games that value far exceed the 30 dollars you pay per month, and you get to play games early. I don't see how any one can find fault in this.

ABizzel12484d ago

$30 a month would be a horrible price, but $30 a year isn't bad.

I'll get it sooner or later, but there's nothing I want from EA right now. Not a sports gamer at all, I'm burnt on BF4, Dragon Age isn't my kind of game, so Peggle 2 is the only thing for me at this point.

Hoping it comes to PS4 sooner or later as well. It's a great idea, the execution just isn't there for anyone who isn't a sports gamer. I'll give it another year or 2.

Funantic12484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

$30 a year is a very price

donthate2483d ago

It's only bad deal for Sony and a lot of their gamers that support Sony blindly. You know who they are, because they voraciously speak against it.

For everyone else, we just enjoy the great games and deals offered for $2.5 a month!

I already got back more than I paid!

Thanks MS for allow EAA on their platform!

souldestroyer142484d ago

I thought they applied to Activision games?

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