Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Competitive Smash Game

GameKoop contributor Dean Terrell writes, "I have been to many tournaments across a wide variety of East coast cities, including Dunellen, Paramus, Red Bank, Glassboro, Vineland, Sewell and Philadelphia. I’ve also visited Somerset, NJ to attend one of the biggest Smash tournaments in the world with 629 entrants for Melee alone; Apex 2014. To make it easier for fresh newbies entering the competitive tournament scene, I have decided to compile an approachable list of essential points to always keep in mind when playing or transitioning to tournament level Smash based on some of my own experiences. If you have already played enough Melee to understand your main character, this guide will also help you become specialized in that character."

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Big_Game_Hunters2482d ago

This advice can be said about any competitive game.

TXIDarkAvenger2482d ago

Might as well throw in "practice practice practice".

CaspuR2482d ago

I was expecting more, but then again the title does say simple.