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Breakfast3778d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Watch and learn Microsoft.

Hydrolex3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Another PS3 10/10 ?

or better say another MGS

Actually the war is going to be PS3 games vs PS3 games

Resistance 2 vs MGS4 vs Killzone vs Other Exclusives.

sounds like a joke to me if I say MGS4 vs Halo 3

Mr_President_3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

This will be the epic game of the holiday season.

@Hydrolex... Dude don't put Halo in the same paragraph as MGS4. Thats disrespecting Kojima.

Hydrolex3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

" 2008 is PS3's year".

OMG I cannot believe PS3 at lunch. How crappy it was.

now the FW updates and the games are making it the best console ever made.

in 1 year, PS3 has improved itself like this. Imagine 2009 and after

@ Mr President

if there was no ugly, then you couldn't notice the beautiful

toughNAME3778d ago

Oh get the F*** outta here with your unanimous agrees

I lost 2...and was forced to not comment for a month...lmao I'm checking this comment tomorrow!

Hydrolex3778d ago

I don't give a bleep to what is going on, on the internet especially N4G. So why should I make 30 accounts to agree myself ? I have life not like you having CRANK 16 and post news everyday in here.

wait for 30 disagrees. MY PS3 bros are behind me backing me up

sonarus3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

haha he's back. personally, i think it looks OK. Coming up against gears, it will be toppled again in the graphics dept from what i have seen though

sunnygrg3778d ago

is officially Sony's b!tch.

The Power of Red3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

This stuff is simply unbelievable! The lighting is stunning and the gameplay looks really intensive.

Sh1t and I didn't even mention the 60 players online multiplayer mode!
This game shapes up to be the best FPS in 2008.

pumpkinpunker3778d ago

that footage looks so generic. your telling me that generic fps is gonna' compete with this:

try again, Sony. Maybe 2009 will be your year.

The Power of Red3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Let's see if RE2 can compete with Gears of War 2, shall we?

2 long brand new and deep story campaings vs 1 probably short story campaing with not much of a story.
60 players online multiplayer mode with dedicated servers vs Max of 16 players online multiplayer with old p2p networking.
Huge leap in terms of graphics& physics since the first game vs a tweaked version of the not so impressive anymore Unreal Engine 3.

I don't know about you, but I think RE2 can do pretty well.

rroded3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

@ 1:25!!

edit damn what a jerk slipping that in dont want to know arrg...

edit 2 my post is so far down no ones gonna read it in time well at least i tried still wish i didnt know.

jaysquared3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

but I just fail to see whats so special about this game. Maybe i'm just reading too much from Sony fans hyping this game up like its the 2nd coming of christ but I see nothing special at all... can any of you guys enlighten me on why this game is great?

Edit- If this game is going to slame dunk anything else coming out at this time then those other games must suck more! Seriously I just watched it again! I guess Sony fans are more easily amused because of the crappy games they have on their console..

morganfell3778d ago

You failed to see? Then you failed period. This game is going to slam other titles coming out at that time including Gears of War, aka babysitting Dom.

-Maverick-3778d ago

They didn't hardly show anything and you could tell if wasn't finshed and they sisn't even have all the animation in yet.

This is going ot be another huge AAA franchise for the PS3. Resistance kinda has the feeling of Halo...its that kind of shooter. Just fun with stuff going on everywhere you go.

Resistance 2 is going to be HUGE.

tudors3778d ago

Gears 2 blows this out of the water, are this supposed to be impressive? what exactly are MS supposed to be watching and learning?

harrisk9543778d ago

needs to watch the entire GT-TV episode... its entirely dedicated to R2. Lots of gameplay footage. Looks awesome. Another AAA title for the PS3!

NO_PUDding3778d ago

If you can't see whats special abotu this, then Halo 3 is in a world of trouble.

I agree personally that it looks generic, it's just the idea of mainly boss battles, and tons of melee enemies fighting in the streets, that I like. And ofcourse any game with multiplayer simialr to Battlefield 2 scale, cannot go far wrong.

Cecil McCheek3778d ago

I don't consider myself a fanboy of either I own all three.

I am excited about both Gears 2 and Resistance 2, however, it is hard to compare those 2 graphically.

In my uneducated opinion, and after watching video for both, Gears 2 looks amazing graphically.

solidt123778d ago

I agree with Hydrolex, This year its PS3 games vs. other PS3 games. There is no other systems with games this great coming out this year. I believe Gears 2 will be great but you have to play MGS 4 to understand where my head is at right now when it comes to what is expected from a next gen game.

Metal Gear Solid3778d ago

I can't wait to get 7 pals together and stand in an alley and shoot lots of stupid looking brown things.

SmokingMonkey3778d ago

M$ peeps trying to find anyway to downplay this game, get real.
graphics don't make a game great (they certainly help) but whats more next gen?
Unreal Engine Maxed out for graphics vs 60 players online on a console
M$ should watch and learn from INSOMNIAC, bringing us to the next gen
while gears2 is just more M$ "smoke and mirrors"

you are an enigma wrapped in a riddle my friend, now you got me MAD
LOL j/k

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WisinYandel3778d ago

Personally I loved R1, definitely my most played FPS ever. I was really excited with this in-game footage, but I was expecting a lot more. Graphics dont look polished at all like those screenshots we saw before they look like R1 graphics, and all seems more of the same.

But then again we all know Resistance is not about the graphics anyway and ill wait for gametrailers official video which I expect will have more footage. :)

This game will be awesome no matter what just like the first one!

Condoleezza Rice3778d ago

I think Insomniac will pull off great visuals in the end,they still have a few months to go so time isn't going to be a problem.

Breakfast3778d ago

The graphics are much better....there's better details, bigger scale, and a heck of alot more animations. It doesnt look mind blowing, but there has certainly been alot of improvements.

Milky3778d ago

Please can people stop complaining about the graphics. They still havent completed the story mode and will polish the graphics closer to the game's release. DONT WORRY !

-Maverick-3778d ago

Yea listen to their podcasts. Insmoniac always said they dont want to show it yet because they always polish the graphics over the last 2 months and make sure the gameplay is perfect the whole time before.

This game is gonna be HUGEEEEEEEE and even at this stage its a huge improvement over the first one.

I will have this game on day UNO.

Delt43778d ago

Well i wasn't blown away by the graphics at all. But luckily i know that a good game is more than amazing graphics.

I'm just really hoping this game will re-invent Console online play!

solidt123778d ago

The game looks great and I will be putting my pre-order in asap. I like the new enemies that rush you in swarms. Its gonna be intense.

WisinYandel3778d ago

I just saw the full footage of gametrailers in good quality. This game looks AMAZING! Graphics DO have improved since the first game as well as animations. God those boss battles look insane!

Cant wait! This Game is going to be off the hook.

Metal Gear Solid3778d ago

Gears not only has better textures, framerate, lighting etc. It also has 4x as much stuff happening on screen with far better AI.

Resistance 2 should have been aborted months ago.

SmokingMonkey3778d ago

It's just smoke and mirrors my friend, i imagine your talking about all the stuff going on under that "barge" or the moving platform. it's not really there, try jumping down to all that "resistance" type action down there. you can't.
you were being sarcastic right?

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jkhan3778d ago

Actually I would recommend people to wait for HD footage, before they form there opinions.

Says you3778d ago

This old crap Pentium III isn't going to do it, it use to and its all because of this stupid Microsoft software if only Microphony didn't make there crappy software take so much of PC's hardware people wouldn't hate it so much!

I wouldn't be able to play GameTrailers considering I use to be able to now I don't know whats wrong with it, it would stop when I play the trailer or when it starts.

Hydrolex3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Ressistance 2
Uncharted 2

NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRR !!! Put this on your ugly bald head. NEVERRRRRR

PoSTedUP3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

now you change it, the getaway and eight days is still coming. they have alot of games in production right now so they had to stop them : )

syanara3778d ago

I agree they stopped working on eight days and getaway that dosen't mean they just threw them out! actually now that I think about it having them work on two other games that are close to completion would be better cause then it gets those games out faster

Premonition3778d ago

Im really impressed after watching this on tv, this game hits me as a bioshock/half life 2/ hint of cloverfield type thing going on, and the monster that they showed very little of, going through those buildings was pretty cool, reminded me of cloverfield a little since you could only see a piece of the monster.