How to turn your Girl into a Gamer Chick

After watching the now classic "Wii Fit Underwear girl" many guys are making attempts to convert there semi-entertaining girlfriends into gamer girls. We here at AnalogHype went through a rigorous investigation process but was able to come up with a fool's proof way to turn your girl into a gamer girl.

Consider Her Personality

Think about your girlfriends personality because that plays a huge part in turning them to the dark side. Sadly, not EVERY girl is going to want to share your love for gaming but it wont hurt to try. Right?

Test the Waters

In life, different approaches work on different people and thats no different when it comes to the ladies.

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Odiah3831d ago

But they're naive in thinking I would have a girlfriend. Lol.

Delt43830d ago

Funniest comment of the day. (bubbles)

SCThor3829d ago i think she's a lost cause :(

MrWonderful3830d ago

I was shocked when i found out my girlfriend like warhawk and the battlefield bad company demo!

Pornlord3830d ago

Well, my girl is a DS fanatic. I don't think that is saying much though, most girls like the DS.

wallace10003830d ago

Brain Age (DS), mario kart (DS), and tetris(360) are the only games my girlfriend plays. She has said she would like to get a Wii though.

Athlon3830d ago

I'm not sure about the gateway games listed. The PS3 is my only console, and I'm not into rock star or guitar hero. So I'm not going to spend money on a game that I'll never play and may or may not hook her in. I find that Uncharted hooks in a lot of my friends who may not have been otherwise interested in gaming since it has that big summer blockbuster movie feel to it and leaves them wanting to know what's next.

Panthers3830d ago

Yea Uncharted seems to work

mindedone3830d ago

First, I started with Patapon, then Professor Layton on the Ds. I got her into Mario Kart, so I'm slowly priming her. Next I'm gonna try her with a platformer. Mind you, she's never even played a mario platformer before

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The story is too old to be commented.