How do the PS4 and Xbox One really stack up?

The PS4 has required a reputation for being more powerful than the Xbox One, but how much of that is true, and how much is over-simplification?

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MRMagoo1231935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

"The PS4 has required a reputation for being more powerful than the Xbox One, but how much of that is true, and how much is over-simplification?" anyone and everyone including devs, the companies that made the consoles and the users know for a fact the ps4 is the more powerful hardware, anyone that doesnt believe this is lying to themselves, in the end it doesnt really matter because people will buy what they want to buy. Its not like the xbone wont have decent games, the same as the WiiU, so something for everyone imo.

Godmars2901935d ago

And the 360 was easier to program for than the PS3. Yet aside from multiplatform titles that never really amounted to much. Neither MS nor 3rd parties took advantage of that difference.

Now after years of "exclusives don't matter" more and more they're becoming the deciding factor. And again MS isn't in the best position to take advantage of that as they gear up in house resources and buy dibs on sequels.

Fgfttfgff1934d ago

Graphically weaker the 360 was though wasn't it?

UltraNova1933d ago

Isn't it funny that all articles, opinions and interviews around the subject of PS4 VS xb1 power difference always revolves around the Xb1 getting stronger, closing the gap to the ps4 as if the ps4 has been maxed out optimized to the fullest of its capabilities right through the gate sailing in a flat plateau until the end of this gen?


LostDjinn1934d ago

About that quote Magoo..."required a reputation". WTF?! Required for what? I don't think that word means what the author thinks it means.

Maybe he could use the word "Acquire" on his next click-bait piece.

ChuckTheIceMan1934d ago

Just save up and get both. When will people realize that we need at least two solid competitors in the console world to balance each other and keep them innovating.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1934d ago

easy just put the PS4 on top of the Xbox one now theyre stacked up

Jdoki1934d ago

I'm afraid that argument just doesn't... stack up

It only works horizontally...

The REAL question is how do they stack up vertically! And we all know MS' position on that!

zsquaresoff1934d ago

Crap, I was going to say that. Great minds think alike ;p

n4rc1934d ago

I think the question asked was more of how much more.. Not that it wasn't in fact more powerful.

Here's the quote that sums it up perfectly.

"There are plenty of other (and more important factors) that affect image quality besides resolution. We may push 40% more pixels per frame on PS4, but it’s not 40% better as a result… your own eyes can tell you that.”

MRMagoo1231934d ago

Yeh I dont really think you know what they meant by that, its not saying anything about the power difference really, they are just saying you cant judge a book by its cover. They are saying 40% extra res doesnt mean the game LOOKS 40% better.

Evilsnuggle1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

[email protected]

"I think the question asked was more of how much more.. Not that it wasn't in fact more powerful."

We already know how much more powerful PS4 GPU than X1 GPU . Digitalfoundry benchmark both PS4 and x1 GPU with the PS4 with a average of 30% better real world preformance . No that's doesn't measures The PS4 other advantages . Like PS4 simpler faster unified GDRR5 memory architecture vs X1 more complex and slower DDR3 and to small 32 mb of Esram . Also other huge advantages of the PS4 GPU like 100% More ROPs 400% more ACE units PS4 and Huma.
Also yes X1 CPU has a clock speed increase . But PS4 has a better benchmark of both CPU most likely because of x1 3 OS.

n4rc1934d ago

But the point was resolution is a small part of what makes a game visually.

Even df.. People put way too much weight into what they say.. They run pixel counters and measure framerate.. That's exactly what the metro dev was saying.. It may be 30-40% more pixels, but it doesn't mean it actually looks 30-40% better

DarthBigE1934d ago

When i read the title to article, I imagined literally stacking and xbox one and a ps4 on top..


The PS4 is a tank for a console. The xbone could have used a better gpu and dumped the kinnect as i never use it at all imo.

jobboy1934d ago

what's wrong with the ps4?

ARESWARLORD1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

A tank means its powerful bro. Nothing wrong with that.

1934d ago
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