Anita Sarkeesian’s latest video is important and a must-watch

Continue Play's Jenna Fraser says that despite what many in the gaming community think, Anita Sarkeesian's videos are both necessary and important if the gaming industry wants to grow up.

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StifflerK2487d ago

I fine with equality and diversity in games.

However - I've seen plenty of Sarkeesian's videos and I just don't find her arguments to be particularly good nor do I see her methods making any meaningful change.

Generally speaking a lot of the arguments and examples she uses are taken out of context, a lot of them equally apply to games with female leads and some are just downright dishonest.

Example, from 22:15 for Sarkeesians video on Hitman.

That is downright false , you can even see a huge chunk of the player's score get subtracted (top left) for the actions Sarkeesian says "players can't help but do". She seems to spend the rest of the video deliberately killing female NPC's in the worst way possible as a supposed example of what the games are like.
That looks more like manufactured outrage to me.

Yes there supposedly almost equal amounts of male and female gamers - BUT not all genres appeal to both genders. Sarkeesian always picks on male dominated genres an blames them for not being appealing enough to women, why not argue the opposite for female dominated genres?
Why? Because companies aren't going to waste money boosting the appeal for a game on an audience that has NO INTENTION of buying the game anyway. That's not sexism - it's just common sense.

The games industry today has far greater diversity, accessibility and representation than it EVER has had before - like Mass Effect + DA, Fable, Saints Row, heck COD even has female soldiers, there are even female centric romance games like Hakuoki and still we get the same people complaining.
A lot of the articles I've seen from 'those same people' about sexism, equality and the whole 'blame it on white men' attitude - I personally find to be rather bigoted and borderline racist, (I'm asian btw.)

There are plenty of cool women in the games industry that make really good games - Corinne Yu, Amy Hennig, Jane Jensen, Roberta Williams, Jade Raymond, Abbie Heppe + more.

And then there are people like TFYC - who genuinely care, + whose actions encourage and help women to get into games. People like that 'make a difference.'

Then there are people like Sarkeesian and Quinn, whose actions essentially benefit themselves at the expense of others. It's easy to see why people don't like or admire them.

ContinuePlay2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

"BUT not all genres appeal to both genders"

I disagree with this. I know lots of female gamers who love FPS games, MOBAs, RTS games, etc. I think this is part of the problem - there's an assumption that because certain genres are associates with typically masucline traits, it means that women don't like them too. The author of the article, for instance, is a big fan of all sorts of games.

Just because a gamer is female doesn't mean they don't enjoy certain types of games. My personal view is that it's become something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because those games have traditionally been marketed to men, a mistaken view has evolved that women aren't interested, and so games continue to be marketed to men. It's become something of a chicken-and-the-egg scenario that the industry seems terrified to break out of because it would mean that marketing departments would need to completely re-evaluate how they promote things.

But if the industry stopped approaching marketing and development from such a gender-obsessed point of view it might finally realize that if it wants to be taken seriously and really reach a wider audience then it needs to stop chasing such a narrow one.

jujubee882487d ago

It's hard to debate on N4G, but I love women. They are great people. And, I'm a people. I'd like all of us to along and play video games for happy fun times, like, as a whole bunch of peoples.

Just wanted to say that. The end. :)

StifflerK2487d ago

That's true - I know a few girls who like Gears and Mortal Kombat.

However I was going off surveys I've seen recently like this one which looks at game genres, gender and age.

I'm presuming companies will use similar.
There might be women who enjoy male targeted games,( or vice versa,) but those numbers need to be sufficient enough for changes to be made.
I also understand how it can be difficult to attract the opposite gender in large numbers when the genre in question is tailored towards the other.

The answer is to support the ones that do.
Whether AAA or Indie, the one thing you can be certain of is that games companies will follow the money.

DiscoKid2487d ago

What's up with her nose, anyway?

equal_youth2487d ago

i can't take that women seriously. her arguments seem just to constructed and manipulated to me. She uses everything in her advantage and in her eyes all games should be different from what they are.

morganfell2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )


Marked as Well Said. Yours was a thoroughly thought out response.

Sarkeesian sufferes from two syndromes. The first is Utopia syndrome where she views the gaming industry in the light of how she would like it rather than realizing the industry, like most consumer based services, responds to the buyer rather than the fancy of a minority.

Her second very prevalent issue is persecution syndrome. This mind set makes it impossible to convince her of her errors with sheer reasoning as everything she views is in a skewed fashion due to her contatly viewing women as victims. Sure there may be some areas where women could improve in the industry but sometimes the political correctness screaming has no legs. Look at AC:Unity. There was an outcry over the lack of female assassins in the game.


While I do concur that the explanations by Ubisoft were lame the fact is there were no female assassins because that was the choice. Get over it. Every game doesn't have to be a compendium of sexual, social, and racial diversity. Often times such diversity makes no sense.

Best of all is the easiest counterpoint one can make against complaints such as hers. If she spent half as much time building a game as she does caterwauling over her disappointments and disagreements then she would have the title she wishes.

Those that can, do. Those that cannot, critique.


And I disagree with the title of the article whose author is haunting this forum like a phantom. Her video is a must avoid. Often I like a strong female protagonist in a game. My character in all 3 Mass Effect titles was a femshep. I do have to be honest and say the voice actor for the male annoyed me to no end. But Sarkeesian actually engenders fellings of disgust for her whining and pushes me in the opposite direction. For me her attempts at intervention harm her cause.

StifflerK2487d ago


I always wondered that about her.

She originally came from a PR background, + (ironically for a 'feminist') one of her best friends is professional 'pick up artist'.
I remember watching an in-depth video on the language, key words and phrasing she uses in her videos and the uncanny similarities to the above.

She took apprx 150K for her Kickstarter - to make a series of 'dubiously' researched videos compared to TFYC who only needed 65K to make a full game + a series of (higher than Sarkeesian quality) videos.
I wonder where all that money went???

I agree - diversity should only be included where it has meaning/purpose, and not just added for the sake of it.

Also, don't let Sarkeesian put you off how you play your games, she's ruined enough already! Lol.

JoelandEllie2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Someone once told me that the easiest way to make a living is to critique the work of others. She doesn't even like gaming by her own admission. She just knew she would get more attention in our industry

Clementine in the walking dead is a better female protagonist than anything Hollywood has put out in years. Go complain about them. But nobody would take her seriously in Hollywood. Why do we?

I will not contribute to this cancer. If we ignore her, she will move on.

morganfell2487d ago

Now she is making the issues about herself. Look at her twitter star episode about supposed rape threats.

Jeff2572487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )


Unfortunately the whole issue is much bigger than her, Zoe Quinn, or even the lack of integrity in gaming journalism. I am actually certain that even if most of us tried to just ignore her and continue to let her rant without anyone saying otherwise will just let her instigate more like she is today. The supposed threats on Twitter that have suddenly popped up today in the midst of all this controversy, too me just shows she wants to try to stop the backlash before it pulls the rug right out from under her and others like her. If we want her to go away then I think she needs to be exposed as well as all the other SJWs out there. This woman and others like her do a huge disservice to anyone who wants to make a legit attempt to get into the gaming industry. I for one think that the documentary two guys are trying to put together to go after the SJWs, who are a cancer in the gaming industry, needs to get made. I plan on supporting it and for anyone else who loves games and gaming and want to see the SJWs lies and corruption be exposed should support it as well. Just do a quick google for the THE SARKEESIAN EFFECT.

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Athlon2487d ago

I agree. Notice that in most of her video posts that she disabled the comments section and the thumbs up and thumbs down rating system. Talk about misconstruing facts to further one's twisted agenda to misinform the masses.

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Big_Game_Hunters2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Anita Sarkeesian is a joke. That's just all there is to it.
She knows it too, that's why she never debates anyone.
Let me tell you the secret to getting more female protagonists in games.
Become a game developer and make them yourself.

ShaunCameron2487d ago

But to them, that's too much work.

L0YD2487d ago

I hate that bitch with passion.

EdoubleD2487d ago

No thanks, I hate her videos with a passion.
She's nothing but a scam artist. Why should I watch her videos?

Jeff2572487d ago

I can't even take the article seriously let alone any of that woman's videos. Calling out certain aspects of Red Dead Redemption and then doing the usual questioning that if the gender was reversed would anyone care BS. The fact that I can't even take the article seriously is because it is just another blatant attempt at the end of the article to try to sweep the whole Zoe Quinn mess under a rug by saying she has been "abused." The whole issue goes well beyond what she did to her bf and shows a cancer that has been growing in the video game industry between some developers and so called journalists. People need to stop letting her and others play the victim and instead make people be held accountable for their misdeeds and actions.

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