Patricia Hernandez Covered Her Friend’s Games, And Didn’t Disclose It

Well, this doesn’t look good. After last week’s Zoe Quinn story, this week it seems Kotaku reporter Patricia Hernandez has been thrown into the spotlight. Unlike with Quinn, the facts haven’t all been neatly laid out here, but some investigation suggests that Hernandez had a personal relationship with Anna Anthropy, a games developer. And that’d be totally fine – except Hernandez has covered Anthropy’s games on Kotaku. Multiple times. Whoops!

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Ocsta2482d ago

Luckily I don't need super biased reviewers to do my thinking for me.

morganfell2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Some of us do not require others thinking for us either but that isn't the issue. It is the effect such lying coverage has on the majority of gamers, which in turn affects you and I. It is the impact of a cardboard cutout in Gamestop with Best Game of the Year or 10/10 on it when those are untrue. This isn't only lying to the blind consumer but an act whose ripples harms us all. It means more games along the same line, which are substandard and fail to push new boundaries, will continue to get made. To the companies that aren't in on it this dishonest reporting is like a beacon showing them "the way" when that "way" is inaccurate, untrue, and built on a pack of lies.

It affects you whether you want to or not. You may have the special sunglasses that let you see what is going on but that doesn't stop them from harming you. Sorry for the reference but it fits:

I have railed against so called journalists and how it damns our hobyy for years. Sometimes people agreed and often they laughed. Well, its time for everyone to wake up. If this story continues to break, more of these dishonest practices are likely to surface and that is a good thing. What we cannot do is simply let these people mumble a few words about editorial changes when they had no editorial functions in the first place and then they go back to business as usuial. The next angle that needs to be exposed is the grafting with writers that occurs between them and the publishers.

Ocsta2482d ago

I'm hearing you loud and clear bud, and I completely agree. Its like the Internet Aristocrat says, gaming "journalism" was slowly rotting to the core for years and we only seem to be noticing it now. But you know what? When I'm of two minds about buying a game I read three reviews: The Gamespot one, The IGN one and one from a small site no one cares about. I make my decision then. Does this stuff sicken me? You bet your ass. I just don't feel like I can do anything about it, because humans are corrupt creatures. However If there's a petition I can sign somewhere I'll gladly do it :)

Mr Pumblechook2482d ago

I'm glad to see websites covering with this massive scandal. It seems that Patricia Hernandez relationship with her friend was closer than disclosed. This seems to suggest they were girlfriends/dating.

Please let's keep the insults and name callings out and just focus on this extreme incidence of nepotism. It is so bad but editor Stephen Totilo is just ignoring it, the reason is it reflects badly on him. He hired Hernandez not on merit or experience, but after seeing her comments on Kotaku - he wanted her to write because she represented diversity to him and fit his political agenda. However he failed to take account her professionalism or lack of. He is now ignoring any questions about this and allowed her Kotaku entries to be changed.

Hernandez and Totilo should both be fired.

morganfell2482d ago

You see Pumblechook, some idiot disagreed with you. This is part of the problem to which Ocsta alludes. These people will get away with this due to the tolerance, ignorance, and acceptance of so many gamers. People like Totilo should be fired. But now he and other slime like him will just hunker down and wait for the weather to clear and then they will be right back at it bolstered by the circle of morons at Kotaku and places like it.

gigoran2482d ago

I only have one comment, so I'll make it count.

This women was the first thing that made their viewers look at the website and say "huh... something wrong is going on here". It was going wrong for a very very long time, but that woman, the pathetic excuse for a journalist, was so horrible at her job that is become obvious to everyone except for their die hard white knight fanboys.

She screams sexism and then goes on to be blatantly biased against men. She screams homophobia and then goes on to discriminate against straight people. She claims to want acceptance and tolerance when she is the one promoting division. Absolutely the biggest hypocrite they have writing there.

Now unlike what their boss has said before, there is no excuse for her to escape punishment for this betrayal of trust. The proof is there. People have publicly called her out on it, and instead of denying it, she just tells everyone to "F off" and that they can do nothing about it.

So here is where their editor has no choice but to be screamingly blatant about dismissing all allegations to protect his employee, because he obviously won't hold her accountable. This is where the remaining idiots that support their miserable writers have to open their eyes and see what trash they are supporting.

And with that I'll leave you with a famous quote from one of her reviews...

"The sound was 100% authentic to the movie it was based on, but the sound hurt my ears. So for that reason you shouldn't buy this game."

How people still defend her and that stupid website is beyond logic...

DefenderOfDoom22482d ago

The corruption in the music industry , is a hundred times more corrupt than the video game industry!!! It seems like people never knew how corrupt the entertainment industry is ! And it is not going to change, because big money and gifts are being thrown at reviewers and writers of the entertainment industry ! You should only trust you own opinion! Did people know that UBISOFT was giving out FREE NEXUS PHONES to reviewers who reviewed WATCH DOGS!!

GundalfDeGrej2482d ago

As bad as this is, it's not like it's unusual that these things happen. There are a lot of great games out there that go unnoticed simply because the developers don't have the right connections in the industry. I know some people who got their game on steam not because they found a publisher or thanks to greenlight but because they managed to get introduced to the right people.

But yeah, they need to disclose this stuff.

InfamousHero2482d ago

As GundalDeGrej said i don't think this is that uncommon. We usually just don't mind. I think it's worse because most of us disliked Patricia Hernandez already and this just adds fuel to the fire.

Whenever i see an extremely trendy post or one about pokemon i already know who its by -_-;