Brand New Far Cry 2 - 5 Minute Gameplay Video

A new HQ five minute gameplay video of Far Cry 2.

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jkhan3805d ago

Graphics looks really nice:P

ChiddaPotta3805d ago

yea it looks really awesome

QuackPot3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

to look forward to.

Bring on also BF:BC, Endwar, World in Conflict & Mercs 2.

Says you3805d ago

I'm just going to only buy Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 and maybe some time down the road Metal Gear Solid 4 and then I'm going to stop buying shooters for a while not like

Metal Gears Solid 4 is a shooter considering its third person action.

Bolts3804d ago

Farcry looks very cool but unfortunately it doesn't have Crysis's insanely high res textures, and I mean VERY high res...Crysis's textures are higher than most console's native resolution if you can imagine that.

Another thing I'm not seeing is Crysis's physics and interactions. Trees in Crysis are physical objects, when you walk near a branch, it bends, shoot the branch and it'll fall off. I also love the way you can interact with the world like when you pickup a gun your free arm will extend and grasp it...the little touches like that.

Farcry looks cool, but I'm starting to wonder what's the point. Its not that much different than Crysis and its missing some of the features. What is Farcry role here? A scaled down Crysis for the console?

Statix3804d ago

A, not everything revolves around this game Crysis. And B, Far Cry 2 will probably turn out to be a MUCH better game overall.

Read up on any preview of what the game is about, and you'll see why.

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