Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg: Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break “Looking and Playing Great Already”

A demo of the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break was showcased at Gamescom, but fans did not get a chance to actually play it. There are, though, a few lucky individuals that can already play parts of the game, and between them there’s Microsoft Studios Global Marketing honcho Aaron Greenberg, who apparently has a running code at home.

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MCTJim2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

One of the many titles I am looking forward to playing next year.

come_bom2493d ago

From what I've seen so far, the game looks very good.

equal_youth2493d ago

the graphics and effects looked awesome especially when he created that time bubbles but i dislike the character animation so far. considering there is a lot of time left i hope they take more effort in this so that they look and feel a little more realistic and smooth.

nicksetzer12493d ago

Xbo one's 2015 holiday season is going to be insane. Quantum break, tomb raider, halo 5 and possibly a few surprises. I do hope the get some more big q1 and q2 games announced though

AngelicIceDiamond2493d ago

I can see Quantum Break releasing in March maybe April. Fable Legends I can see an early May late April release. That is if the games releasing before the summer.

ThePope2493d ago

If you make the picture on the site full size its crazy how amazing that game looks.

christocolus2493d ago

2015 will definitly be great. You didn't even add d4 and I'm sure there will be more announcements soon. Can't wait to know more about QB though. That game looks amazing.

These execs have great jobs. Travelling the world playing checking up on studios and their upcoming projects....sweet.

700p2493d ago

Being an xbox gamer is awesome!

D-riders2493d ago

Lol OK sure it will be great. Everything look kinda boring and rehashed

OpieWinston2493d ago

Microsofts First/Second partys got the right idea.

Q1 2015 is crowded as hell with releases.

Arkham Knight is rumored for a January release.
MGS V Phantom Pain probably hits in March.
The Witcher 3/Dying Light/BF Hardline all hit in February.

Fable Legends is probably going to have a May or June release since they said the Beta will run for a few months and game will launch 6 months after Beta to implement changes and finish game.

Having Summer locked down with Fable Legends/Quantum Break
Holiday locked down with Rise of the Tomb Raider and Halo 5 Guardians.
Early 2016 locked down with Crackdown/Scalebound.(Rumored)
Pretty great lineup.

2493d ago
_-EDMIX-_2493d ago

its a weak line up.

There is a reason why they got TR as a timed game.

Compared to Nintendo and Sony, MS line up is quite weak.

Halo isn't the huge money maker it use to be. 14 mill for Halo 3, down to about 7 million or so for Halo 4 (last I remember)

Though many sequels sell less due to those who are buying the console with a game, Halo has bigger rivals now with COD and BF5 on the horizon. They will have a tough fall.

Halo 5 is easily the only big game they are releasing next year.

Fable Legends as side Fable game is quite questionable, same goes with Quantum Break as a new IP, it just didn't impress me enough. I would want it, but come on LMFAO! in 2015 with beast games like Dead Island 2, The Division etc it just doesn't seem like an easy buy.

Halo 5 is quite the easy buy.

_-EDMIX-_2493d ago

As a PC and PS4 owner, Halo 5 is easily the single most reason to own a XONE, but with Halo 4 and Reach's sales...not sure how many will return to the series.

They are looking at a very weak line up in 2015 and 2016 (so far confirmed)

Why question new IPs despite Sony having em too?

Sony has been proven to support new ips long term compared to MS. MS has a new ip being done by a team they don't very much makes me question just how much this IP will even get supported in the future given MS history with merely supporting the big 3 (now the big 4).

4 Halos.

4 Forzas

4 Gears

Thats what we got last gen with 360, MS internally that gen didn't produce a new AAA IP that they made more of then those (mind you...MS didn't create Gears Of War, it was Epic, ie MS never internally created those 4 Gears, merely published Epic and PeopleCanFly's work)

MS I think needs to prove they can get behind a new IP long term and support it JUST like they've done there other established ips.

3 Uncharted

3 Resistance

3 InFamous...

all by teams that didn't do those IPs the gen prior, hell look at The Last Of Us doing 7 million units!

Want to know why The Order 1886 will get better backing?

Look at Sony's track record with supporting new ips.

I'll take The Order over any MS new IP merely based on I very much know I'm getting into a saga vs (Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo, LOL Phantom Dust anyone?)

That is why many sorta see MS line up with holes.

Timed exclusives with Titanfall, Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Tomb Raider, Sunset Overdrive (as MS doesn't own the IP)

Then many games they don't own the teams to

ie question how long term is this IP going to be if the team is outsourced out.

So...they outsource new IP's (never mind that they sorta need long term ones)

While doing timed games....

All with a bunch of Kinect studios

I would be ok with them outsourcing a few, no prob, some Kinect.....variety is always good, but timed games too?

Sounds to me like MS is content to not make new AAA IPs long term.

They seem happy with Halo/Gears/Forza/Fable complex LOL!

This might hurt them in the long run as if you didn't like those ips last gen or'll by default no buy an XONE.

Not saying get rid of em, ie we still have God Of War and GT, just spread the damn love long term like those other ips.

2 new God Of Wars didn't just stop 3 Uncharted's last gen....just saying. That list is filled with holes as we've been down this BS road before by MS.

Timed games and IPs with zero future other then a single release to make it seem as if "things have changed this time" LOL!

How about that Perfect Dark Zero sequel?


Lost Planet still exclusive?

How about Bioshock?

And they wonder why they are last this gen.....

Who is buying a XONE for a system full of timed games and IPs with no future?

You either buy it for the big 4 or your likely making a huge mistake LOL!

n4rc2493d ago

I absolutely love that long winded post that essentially says..

Ms has 4 big ip that they milk and its bad, Sony has 4 that they milk but isn't bad..

New IP for ms won't be supported (whatever that means) but Sony's new IP will be..

That about sum up your opinion?

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Kemosabe2493d ago

Tomb raider was going to be mutiplat before the deal love how u put that in there

Kemosabe2493d ago

Tomb raider was going to be mutiplat before the deal love how u put that in there smh

DigitalRaptor2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

That's all well and good, but Microsoft is just really god awful at being consistent with their exclusive lineup throughout the year. Why should you have to wait until October cause MS isn't pulling its finger out.

The same has happened this year with Titanfall in March, and nothing of note until the holiday season. Why can't they be a bit more consistent throughout the year, without fans having to wait months at a time for new exclusive content?

In the meantime, the competition has so much more to offer throughout the year. If they can do it, so can MS.

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skydragoonity2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I admit, I'm looking forward to quantum break, I'm impressed no doubt a good game

Ashunderfire862493d ago

Me too my most anticipated Xbox One title for next year along with Halo 5 and Rise of Tomb Raider.

Xb1ps42493d ago

I hope it turns out to be a great game and sells well...

vega2752493d ago

The wait is killing me for this game. But I will be playing halo MCC and sunset overdrive until it comes out.

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