SWAT Team Busts Counter Strike Player Mid-Game in Elaborate Prank

"One Counter Strike Global Offensive player's game was unexpectedly interrupted when a SWAT team burst through the door."

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daggertoes832493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Lol!!!! 1:48 terrorist win!! Poor S.O.B.

BrianG2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Why yes, it is so funny, so very funny isn't it? - Sarcasm if you haven't noticed.

This is a shameful act against an innocent person. Not to mention a waste of police resources and the time of everyone else in that office who were not the intended target of the "swatting" but were unfortunate victims.

Matt6662493d ago

what a bunch of sad mofo's to do this, seriously don't people have better things t do then make up false claims

M-M2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

From now on, the SWAT team should go to the callers house as well as the "suspects" house. That way, the prank caller can get caught when they figure out it was a prank. These guys have no clue how much time and money gets wasted when these fake calls happen, and tte SWAT team would love to have a word with the pranksters that cause false alarms.

Codewow2493d ago

Oh there will be an investigation of course. It's illegal to do these things. Though I never seem to see any articles about the callers getting arrested or anything.

hay2493d ago

"What? I'm not doing anything that's funny..."

Please explain this to me how it's not funny.

BrianG2493d ago

The context of the situation makes it not funny.

If this is portrayed as "funny" it will only happen more and more until someone actually gets hurt.

Whether it be a streamer or a victim of another crime the police can not respond to because they are to busy with a fake call.

hay2493d ago

Come on mate, you have to appreciate the little things. The original joke is really bad case of sense of humour I agree, and the caller should sit on a jar, but it did produce some unpredicted effects. Like the one when he was carrying the bomb and terrorists kept winning.

However this could be a result of overhearing his conversation with team mates. I remember someone called cops because a gamer played CS too loud and people thought it was for real.

Omnisonne2493d ago

So ppl dont have nothing else to do aside from pulling these weak pranks?

Hope whoever calls it in gets his phone traced next time, and gets fined for it

RickHiggity2493d ago

Luckily, that's how it works when these guys do get caught. The problem is catching them. There's a pretty good documentary by vice about swatting (yea. There's a name for it sadly)

OC_MurphysLaw2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

There is a part of me that feels this is staged and not real. the bald cop seems legit (sells it well) it well but the others I question. Just seems too perfect of a set up... the exact time he is playing counter strike a SWAT team shows up? And why a SWAT team based on some random call to the cops? Pretty sure a patrol car would be sent out to investigate not SWAT. I just don't buy it.

Not to mention one of his first comments is " I think SWAT is here"... Who thinks "omg SWAT is coming in?" ... I think the cops are here... I think I hear the police sure but when was the last time your first thought about about hearing cops was "SWAT is here?". On top of that they blast through the door and not one verbally identifies themselves as the police. Unless I see a news report I call this totally bogus.

audiophile1012493d ago

would depend on what the emergency he is was called on. they could have said it was something serious which meant the big guns as they are very serious and safe about their jobs

OC_MurphysLaw2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

edit: I stand corrected. Saw the link below

Uggh...I would be much happier to hear this was stagged rather than real. World is filled with idiots and this sadly is just more proof of that.

@BrianG props for the link .

Mikey942493d ago

Its definitely not fake. Believe me UberHaxorNova was tweeting pics and stuff of everyone being evacuated and they even closed down some of the schools near by there. Someones made a report saying he had a gun and was shooting at people.

BrianG2493d ago

It is very real, look at the photos where not just Jordan is being searched but the office is being evacuated at gun point.

Also it depends on the severity of the fake call and how they portrayed the "active shooter" in how they respond.

About your "I think SWAT is here", another Twitch user was detained and searched by a SWAT team on a false bomb threat call, it has been a running "joke" in Twitch chat that when someone leaves the room they are being "swatted" probably why he mentioned it.

Use this link as reference for the Photos I mention, it is also an official news report on the matter.

OC_MurphysLaw2493d ago

Bub+ for the link. I hate to say I was wrong cause I dont want to believe people are that stupid and venomous. :(

iceman062493d ago

"Swatting" is a thing now. There have been MANY issues with it from kids in high school and some colleges. They seem to think that it is somehow funny to waste tax payers money. The resources required to run a SWAT team to one location can be upwards of $20,000 or more. You could very well do some FED time for it. At one point, people were "swatting" celebrities. Then, it just turned into prank on just anybody.

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Codewow2493d ago

The comments on the video are so ridiculously stupid that it just proves some people don't deserve access to the internet.

StillGray2493d ago

FBI is investigating the prank call now, apparently. Whoever pulled it is fucked.

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