Big Budget Disasters

Waterworld. Hudson Hawk. Showgirls. The movie world is replete with examples of projects that swallowed up vast amounts of cash only to sink beneath the waves, vanish into Bruce Willis' past, or disappear into our darkest nightmares. So too is the world of videogames, and although there's no game failure that can quite match the sheer scale of the movie world's excesses, there's still no shortage of games so unsuccessful that they brought down companies, destroyed careers, and shattered dreams. Here are seven of our favorites.

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Silogon3831d ago

Waterworld is actually very, very good if you actually watch it and don't just pass it up cause you heard some review from some guy you don't know.

Waterworld had a very involved plot and was Denis "I can't help but not know my lines from all the dope I did in the 60's" Hopper is actually very good in it too.

Kevin Costner was tops in it and made for a great Anti hero. Anyone who says Waterworld out and out sucks, just doesn't like the genre it represents. It was better than all 3 LOTR movies & easily better than any of the Queery Potter movies.