Sony Hiring for a “Nimble” 1st Party Studio in San Mateo, Working with Unreal Engine and Unity

Sony Computer Entertainment published today a career opportunity ad seeking a Senior Software Engineer, for a “small and nimble” first party studio located in San Mateo, California.

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Why o why2493d ago

Growth....self dependence....

98xpresent2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Possibly for the vita ?

nodim2493d ago

not likely, vita don't really go well with unreal engine.

joeorc2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

But the Playstation Vita it in fact does go well with not only Unreal but also the Unity 3D engine.

Reason being Since the iPad III GPU is able to run said Engines, you do know not only is the playstation Vita using the exact same GPU as the one in the iad III but the vita is using the SGX543MP4+ ver so not only is it faster in clock rate, but also has 128MB of dedicated Video ram.

Inside the playstation Vita, while the iPad III has to share its system ram and split it off for the GPU, Sony's playstation Vita and playstation Tv do not.

So yes it can in fact handle unreal quite well!

nodim2493d ago

@joeorc Maybe in theory and pr-talk, but those are hollow numbers. Ask any developer: porting unreal engine game on vita is a pain and never ends without huge downgrade or big framerate problems. Just look at MK and Borderlands 2. And they tried real hard.

joeorc2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )


In theory? Or PR talk? Saying it can do it, and showing it can is all together another thing. The fact that Epic even made a point that the unreal engine 3 in its complete form is and was running on the playstation Vita is more than "just in theory" or just "PR talk" not only does it run but run very well on the playstation Vita chipset, the freaking playstation Tv is running the same chipset! Do you not see why?

If it was just PR or in theory Sony would not be using both Unity 3D game engine and unreal themselves for 1st party games for the playstation Vita chipset!

Despite what many may think, Sony is investing into the playstation vita development, and for very good reason as launching the playstation Tv.

Seeing how playstation Tv runs those very game engines and quite well is reason enough to re invest into the PSVita developments even if that investment is mainly into playstation Tv, its still investing into playstation Vita.

ltachiUchiha2493d ago

I live here lol. Im trying to get into Playstation in Foster City in San Mateo. Im taking courses now for game design. I could have been working their as a game tester because I have a few friends who worked der for 10+ years but I want to create games not test them. This is awesome news.

gangsta_red2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

What school do you go to? And you should have taken the QA job, just to get your foot in the Sony door. If you don't make it at Sony, EA is just down the street.

ltachiUchiha2493d ago

Im taking a graphics design class at CSM. I just want to learn these things so I can atleast know the basics. Screw EA if I don't make it as a game designer I will just take whatever position I can get to work with playstation. My dream would be to create a Ninja Gaiden Like game but a Samurai & have stealth kills like Tenchu & also have like a transformation system like Bankai in Bleach lol, I can dream.

gangsta_red2493d ago

I didn't know CSM offered graphic design classes...hmmmm.

Good luck to you, hopefully you'll get in at Sony when your done with all your school.

ltachiUchiha2493d ago

Yup they have a graphics design class & its cool because of financial aid so basically im going to class getting a degree in graphics design & they give me money to help me out. Cheers im hoping mate, I can make it their & live out my dreams. I have alot of great ideas aswell to create my dream game. Would create the coolest Samurai game ever.