The Daily Five: Positives About the Gaming Industry

"Hey, guess what? The video game industry's social community has been an absolute disaster the last couple of weeks. We're guessing you already know that, though. While everyone is focusing on the negatives that have taken place recently, we'd like to go in the opposite direction today and focus on the positives." - David Wales, Stealthy Box

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Xb1ps42484d ago

I wanted to read it but I just started getting this hate towards links with a short paragraph to have to hit next page and next page and next page to read the whole thing...

DavePSU2484d ago


Wish there was a script available to make ad block users have 5 pages and non-ADP users have 1 page. It would make things easier...but ADP users kill revenue for smaller sites that only use 1 page on everything (which we do outside of D5s and lengthy reviews 2,500+ words).

Xb1ps42484d ago

Damn bro.... This is your piece!? I feel bad now but for you explaining why it is the way it is, cause I sure as he'll didn't know that's how it works, I will go back and read all 5 sentences in all the five pages :)

Thanks for the explanation..

Xb1ps42484d ago

Ok... That was a good op I liked how it was kind of set up in a way that started on current stuff and ended on future stuff although I would have enjoyed reading on what your thoughts on why you think it will be a bright future.. Is it cause of vr? Digital possibilities, subscriptions etc..

I especially liked your thoughts on the multiplats you seem forgiving on it as if a 3rd party should be able to do what's best for a franchise, and IMO they should. Look at the back lash tr is getting.. And over what? Ms is helping a great franchise reach a higher quality, since we all know se isn't in the best finances. I think phill explained it quite we'll in that interview I know it will piss off a few ppl but I fully believe that if certain ppl support both consoles that news wouldnt bother you as much..