Good News For Archeage players As they will Get refund For Unauthorized Purchases

Not long ago, various Archeage players composed in the diversion’s gatherings that their records were seeing unapproved transactions, sometimes totalling to the.

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DareDevilDD3085d ago

Thank God I had 57$ transactions which wasnt mine

gamerguru1113085d ago

is this game worth playing?

DareDevilDD3085d ago

HELL YEAH liked 1st MMO After WOW

ATi_Elite3085d ago

let me just say ArcheAge is AMAZING!

crazysammy3085d ago

Last night I was playing when I stumbled upon a half naked dance party on an airship. I immediately left the guild I was in and joined that one. After flying the ship upside down we ported to someones house and continued the dance party. 10/10 would party naked again.

King_of_Nothing3085d ago

Has this been released in N.A. yet?