Mass Effect 4: What We Know And What We Want

A Mass Effect fan analyzes the known information on the series, and speculates where it may lead.

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Thefreeman0122493d ago

what I want --> RPG style ME like the first.. lots to explore, many side quests and other stuff to help bring the universe alive.

Dan_scruggs2493d ago

What we know - nothing

What we want - everything

PiNkFaIrYbOi2492d ago

Eeeee, not everything. Especially if the everything is anything like ME3's ending. We can do without that sorta of stuff.

CloudRap2493d ago

Open world at least dragon age style

L0YD2493d ago

Decent multiple endings, that's not the same shit with different colors.

CyrusLemont2493d ago

I want it to be so expansive that it makes non-linear games seem linear. Also lots of loot with better sorting menus, vehicle customisation, space battles.

All I ever wanted was a bigger, better and more refined ME 1.

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